Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wild but not reckless !

Yes, she looks wild...'naturally' but not reckless definitely :)

Well!  the prompt on Summer of color 2012 this week was another flavor from Baskin and Robbins...Wild and Reckless sherbet.

Wildness is a necessity...it gives you a sense of freedom !

Hey friends I am off to New Delhi for vacations for a month :)
While enjoying with my family and friends out there , I may not be able to write and post so often but definitely will keep 'creating...

Paint Party Friday is another portal which I love to visit and you must do so too to satisfy your artistic soul :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

My lemony birdie with a strawberry heart !

   Kristin at The Summer of Color: Week Three prompted us to create art using the colors of the flavor Strawberry Lemonade punch ! Now I thought of going to Baskin Robbins to check out this lip smacking flavor ...and to my utter dismay this was one of the official flavors of the month :)

I came home with their brochure and also some tissue papers....yes I surely had some plans in my mind :)

I wanted to use their brochure as my background :)

Next I layered the brochure with the 'BR' tissue paper and was happy with the textures that came up just so naturally ! I purposely left the middle section of the brochure which spoke about our flavor of the week...Strawberry Lemonade !

Then I used some newspaper and a music sheet to make my little birdie and the tree and the leaves...and also drew a few details down there with my black pen .
Coloring it all lemon yellow and strawberry pink was the most fun part and I enjoyed it thoroughly :)

I also liked the other colors of the brochure that were still peeking through the tissue layer as if trying not to miss out on the fun :)

Don't you think my lemony  birdie, with a big musical strawberry heart , is singing out loud ...all praises about the flavor of the month !