Sunday, November 24, 2013

Drop the story...

Hey my beautiful friends

 The weather in my part of the world is brilliant..
.it's raining outside and I absolutely love rain
It makes me feel like a peacock  :)

It gives spring to my feet..
I feel as if 
.something down inside me is waiting to burst  open into light...

 my box of paints beckons me to create joy..
.to surrender my mind and slide into the bewilderment...

and so here I am to share my joy and exuberance with all of you!!

This week has been quite eventful...
and among all the other beautiful things which I had a chance to do...
the Universal Children's Day on the 20th was awesome !!
I had the opportunity
 to be with amazing kids with special needs 
and take a workshop in Al Safa Park here...

Each one of them created a bouquet of Special Roses 
as I called them.

The four simple steps were very easy to follow
 and the result was not only surprising 
but simply stunning !!

Nature in the surroundings...
beautiful weather... 
cool breeze ...
beautiful friends ...
 the MAGIC of ART ...

 and those priceless smiles 
what else could I ever wish for !!

Recently read "Drop your are not your story!
Yes let's stop complaining...she said this...he said that...I am heart is broken and so on...
stop crying over the one is interested to know...
let us make every moment beautiful
and bring smiles to our family and friends !!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happiness in a glass and more :)

What on earth 
could be more luxurious 
than some relaxing music ... 
some tubes of paint ...
 a brush in your hand ...
 a sketch book on your desk ...
 and a cup of coffee !!!

I am sure you all would agree :)

Recently I had a chance
 to visit a super cafe called Spill the Bean...
and it's here that I got a chance
 to enjoy this absolutely fabulous cold brew with dates...
So I thought of capturing
 the happiness I experienced
 in a glass and share it with you all my lovely friends...

Well yes I have painted this
 using this wonderful, 
ground heaven called coffee as my medium...

This is how it was served... in a glass ...
are you drooling ??

I also did this "Sunny side Up" !

Hungry ???

"Start" provides art education 
through workshops for refugees, orphans and children with special needs
 across the Middle East and India.

Photo: Looking forward to our Universal Children's Day celebration with amazing local artists Maisoon, Ritu and Rania - For more information about participating and volunteering, please contact

Next week Start is celebrating 
Universal Children's Day and 
I am one of the artist's helping them hold an afternoon of art workshops !!
I am feeling lucky for getting a chance
 to be recipient of  tons of unconditional love from these kids :)
You too can show your support and love. 
Visit their website to find out how !

I absolutely love these tiny houses 
we created out of recycled objects with "Start" 
at Al Noor School for special needs kids.

The kids are absolutely amazing !!

Have a brilliant day :)

Monday, November 4, 2013



The oranges and the yellows
Of the sunshine
The melodies of the cuckoo and
The parrots on the line
Walking barefoot
On the green grass
Anklets kissing
The dew drops
Chasing butterflies
In the garden
Collecting match boxes
Just for fun
… all remind me of you , my love !

Falling soft upon the fields
The rain…sparkling…tinkling
Jeweled mango leaves…
The endless flights
On the tree swings
The paper boats
In the puddles
Those doodles
And the riddles
… all remind me of you , my love !

The happy colours
Of a sari
The mysterious folds
Of a pagri
The ringing bells
From the temples
The stories and
The fables
The joys
Of the festivals
The memories made on travels
…all remind me of you , my love !

Paradise …
In your skies
Rustic smell
Of your soil
The warmth in your cool,
Whispering breeze
The embrace of the morning mist,
Oh ! …eternal bliss
The spectacular seasons
The beauty that beckons
… all remind me of you , my love !

you belong
To the entire world
I can truly sense
Your divine presence
In my little heart!
I sit here…miles away
My breath inhales…there
Your light…my love…
My India

Through my eyes !!!

Hey my awesome friends... 
The words you just read reflect my love for my country...India :)
This poem along with the artwork has been published in The Indian Trumpet
It indeed is a splendid magazine about all things Indian.
Do visit their portal and enjoy :)