Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Global Art Fair Dubai 2015

Dubai witnessed over 50 artists from the UAE, India, Taiwan and USA participating in the pilot GAF along with reputed galleries like Art Indus, Delhi, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, Gallery Time and Space, Bangalore.
Among the artists who participated were Asit Patnaik and Vijender Sharma from Delhi, Madhusudan Kumar and Anand Panchal from Mumbai, Sumito Gangopadhyay and Subroto Das from Kolkata.
Global Art Fair also hosted works of world renowned artists including MF Hussain, NS Bendre, Akbar Padamsee, Satish Gujral and Yusuf Arakkal. Global Art Fair served as a great platform for contemporary art. A great exposure for emerging artists as they got the opportunity to participate along with the established names.This was an unprecedented effort to showcase art to art enthusiasts, connoisseurs as well as collectors.


My day was made!! My soul still hungry for more!!
Yes Coming up soon "ART DUBAI" :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Close to my Heart!

Today I am going to introduce you to Al Noor Training Centre for Children with special Needs

Established in 1981, Al Noor has been providing high quality of professional training to the special needs community in Dubai for over 30 years. Starting with only 8 children the Centre has since expanded to facilitate and enrich the lives of up to 300 children and young people from different nationalities who have various physical and cognitive challenges such as Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism. The new all-purpose facility from which Al Noor now operates opened its doors in April 2007 and was generously donated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the U.A.E. and Ruler of Dubai and was made possible through the benefaction of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein.

Al Noor follows a holistic programme addressing all domains of development through a trans-disciplinary assessment and intervention approach, all delivered at an ISO certified standard.

In addition to teaching, the level of development is enhanced with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychological services, Sports and Music. Al Noor also prides itself on an exceptionally effective work placement unit that trains its students with a capability for open employment, integrating them into mainstream society post education.

A particular star of the Al Noor’s fundraising achievements is the Center’s very own branded retail outlet, Smiles ‘n’ Stuff which helps to raise awareness and funds for the training centre. It is the only one of its kind in the GCC where all the products are handcrafted by children and young people with special needs enrolled at Al Noor. The goal of Al Noor’s vocational training unit is to make children skilled and productive members of the community and training is offered in Wood Design Technology, Printing Technology, Fashion Technology and Bakery Unit.

Now recently Al Noor has launched an online store showing extensive collection of electronic cards designed by the students of Al Noor with contributions from local artists!

I feel so lucky to be associated with such a beautiful institution. 
I have been volunteering here and teaching them to draw and paint!
The kids here have always always inspired me
 to be more strong, 
to love unconditionally,
 to celebrate each moment as it comes and to stay smiling!!

Recently I attended the launch of "Greetings by Al Noor"...another new venture!! 
I am sure you would be awestruck to see their awesome collection of e-cards and you can
send greetings to your family, friends, clients and colleagues in a jiffy!!
I feel honored that two of my paintings have found a place in their absolutely stunning collection 

Do pay a visit to their website called



Here is the link to the card with my painting "Map to my Heart"
and this one for "Art in Motion"!!

Let me know your feedback!
Your words of encouragement can bring a smile to these amazing kids :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Road Less Travelled !

Looking for you my angel
 I walk the road less travelled!

that soothing touch...
that smile...uplifting !
those pure eyes like
thousands of stars...twinkling!

you call my name
and I hear you whisper...
 I feel your hand
warm and soft like a feather!

the fragrance of your love
spread all over...like stars
the breeze too echoes
the beatings of your heart!

Ever ready to lose myself
my love... to find you...
and then to drown in you
just to soar again!

and I walk on and on
humming the song
 of our love
carrying your smile on my lips!

I know you are here...
here...there...and everywhere!
you are not missing from me...
you are a magical affair!

And I do believe
that you would never leave
But why then
Looking for you my angel
I walk the road less travelled!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Watch my Rising!

No matter what
I will not give up
come what may
I will live it up
For their words
I don't care
I smile
and that's my flair
Will pull myself out
from every strife
Know this is me
 and this is my life
If I fall apart
I would gather those pieces
mend myself...rebuild myself
and make myself
 what I have
 dreamt to be!
 Like a new dawn follows
the dark scary night
so would I rise...
 and rise...
and that's my right!
With all my flaws
I will 'Just be'
 a Limited Edition
that's what I am born to be!
I am a dreamer...
and a believer
Now ...they will
watch my rising!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Zen !

a new venture
a new journey
each day
every moment

a little chaos
 many memories
loads of magic
even more dreams

No rush
no tears
just 'this' moment
no fears

just being with you
who possesses the most beautiful heart
the most friendly hand
the kindest of eyes

....You are my favorite face in this universe :)

through the eyes of my soul
I wish to read 
that otherness
 that your eyes reflect!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Capture your Dreams!

Hello my lovely friends!
How have you been?

I am absolutely delighted to announce that my "Chai Tamaasha" ...the tea tantrums
is on Little Majlis!!
Little Majlis is a specialist online market for handmade
 and artisan products, 
marketed by Gulf–based artists, designers, cooks and crafters.
Little Majlis encourages buying handmade 

and in doing so, supporting local talent 
and the region’s growing arts scene, 
as well as promoting small business. 
Little Majlis offers something unique to consumers.

 It gives them the opportunity to find that special thing 
that is not available in the shopping malls.

Whether you are a consumer from the UAE 

or somewhere else in the world, 
you will be able to shop 
at Little Majlis!

So how is January being to you?
I am sure each one of you must be enjoying each and every moment and loving what you do!
Yess this to me is really really important
and I am absolutely loving what I do every day!
I am surrounded by people
 who stimulate my creativity
 and make me look within
and think deeper!
This beautiful, authentic and positive energy
 is what keeps
 the artist in me keep exploring more,
 connect with newness
learn more,
begin afresh,
transform ,
and in the whole process
expand my horizons!

Sharing my poem "Dreams"

  Oh ! How I wish
to make
a leap...
on the back 
of the crazy wind...

take a deep dive
and then soar again...
dip my glorious
in the orange sun rays...

soak ...
in the cool
dare ...
to claim 
the sky!

In my little eye
the globe...
I wish to
And in my heart

Oh ! How I wish 
to reach out...
to the end 
of the map

and with my beak
leave a mark
and everywhere !!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tear Off that Mask...Your face is glorious!

I only speak of the Sun
because the Sun is my Beloved 
I worship even the dust at His feet.

I am not a night-lover and do not praise sleep
I am the messenger of the Sun !
Secretly I will ask Him and pass the answers to you.

Like the Sun I shine on those who are forsaken
I may look drunk and disheveled but I speak the Truth.

Tear off the mask, your face is glorious,
your heart may be cold as stone but
I will warm it with my raging fire.

No longer will I speak of sunsets or rising Moons,
I will bring you love's wine
for I am born of the Sun
I am a King !

~ Rumi
Ghazal (Ode) 1621
Translated by Azima Melita Kolin
and Maryam Mafi