Friday, August 5, 2016


It is raining here.
Monsoons in Mumbai are
simply awesome.
 The world from my balcony looks various shades of green .
The cool breeze 
whispers through my hair 
some old tunes.
 The pots have some beautiful fuschia flowers
 making me smile.
My kitchen smells delicious 
with the aroma of fresh curry
 and fragrant rice.
 Blessed I am!
The brush on my table
and the pallette in my hand 
 reckon me to begin.

Being authentic is a luxury too!!

Because the clay sings to me too...
I listen to its heart...

Because being a whole 
lot of lovely is so simple

Because in a bowl of roses
 I think I saw the gypsy me...

Because I dream 
and I believe!!

A client requested me to illustrate this architectural delight 
on teabags!
Mayo College in Ajmer, Rajasthan India is 
a feast to eyes !!
What do you say?

Do leave your mark here!!
You know I love to read your comments :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

In my Solitude

In my solitude
I have built
my own garden 
of bright rainbows

where peacocks
kiss the raindrops
and roses whisper
the songs of love

where cool breeze
sets beauty... free to amaze to just be!!

where fireflies 
dance in my eyes
and I smile 
with your hand in mine

and where

His blessings
sprout blossoms
of happiness 
all around me! 

Oh ! in my solitude 
I have built 
my own garden 
of bright rainbows!!


Friday, May 20, 2016

And I continue to Feel...

Last week was too many things in my hands!!
I just could not
 manage to put up a post !
It was like working on myself... by myself...
for mine and
And today there is 
so much love to share with you
 ...all my friends!!
My series of work on used teabags 
Feelings 77 has come to an end
...yes how time flies
I just can't imagine 
that I have relegiously created
 one piece of art
on used teabag 
continuously for 77 days!!
But do I stop here...
I continue to 'feel'
and so to "pause'  is not an option !!
I continue to create
and will share my new works soon
Till then enjoy my Feelings 77
and don't forget to drop a line of love 
it makes me smile :)

Feelings 77...Day 67...The Dressed Sky

Feelings 77...Day 68..."Chase Grace"

Feelings 77...Day 69..."Keep the Mystery Alive"

Feelings 77...Day 70..."Leave a Trail"

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Feelings 77...Day 74..."Poetry in Colours"

Feelings 77...Day 75..."Scent of Sound"

Feelings 77...Day 76..."A Little Extra than Ordinary"

Feelings 77...Day 77..."And I continue to Feel"

Much Love

Friday, May 6, 2016

"A Mosaic that my Heart is"

My tiny little heart is a
even tinier little feelings and emotions!
I piece them together 
and it reflects who I am!
Here I share some of those feelings with you 
and the rest I keep safe for my ownself !!

Hope you are following my series of art on teabags .
I have named it "Feelings 77"
One feeling each day for 77 days.
You can visit Older posts to enjoy more!
A big warm hug
 and many thanks to 
those of you who have been
 appreciating my work!!
Your comments mean a lot !!

Feelings 77...Day 60..."Skywards"

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Feelings 77...Day 62..."A Mosaic that my Heart is"

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Feelings 77...Day 66.."Now Fly"

Friday, April 29, 2016

I am a gatherer!

I am  a gatherer!!
A gatherer of sunshine
of the calm in the cool breeze
of the love from my love
of the warmth in each moment as it comes
of little flowers 
of leaves of varied colours
of magic in the breaths I inhale and exhale
of the smiles of my loved ones
of the songs that the birds sing on my window
of the patterns in the things around me
of the aroma from my kitchen
of the new mercies
of the new opportunities
of words wrapped up in prayers
of the moonlight
and star...oh so bright....
I am a gatherer!!

Feelings 77...Day 53... "Tuned to Sing Anyway"

Feelings 77... Day 54... "Surrender"

Feelings 77... Day 55..."Face the Sunshine"

Feelings 77...Day 56..."Magic of Whispers within"

Feelings 77...Day 57..."Now is the time to Unwind"

Feelings 77...Day 58..."Paradise is in the Moments" 

Feelings 77...Day 59..."Kaleidoscope of memories"

               And yes thanks a lot
 for all the appreciatiion for my art on teabags!!
Gratitude !!

Friday, April 22, 2016

"Curiosity leads to Passion "...and more!!

I remember the day
 the beautiful stains of tea
 on a teabag grabbed my attention for the first time!!
I was completely at awe!!
The shades of tea 
and the various hues
 created after I had brewed it for some time
fascinated me!!
While I sipped my tea
 the tiny soggy teabag sat quietly on my dish
staring at me for some love!
I was curious to use this bag in my art!
The teabag
 would otherwise have
 found its place in trash.
It was my curiosity that led 
me to my passion of creating art with a difference that not only pleases me and satiates my soul
but also brings a smile
 to those 
who get a chance to look at it!
...and here I am!!
This week again I enjoyed working on these tiny bits of paper 
Hope you love them too
Thanks loads to those who have been visiting and leaving there marks here
Your beautiful comments thrill my heart !!

Feelings 77...Day46..."Rainbows beneath my Wings"

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Feelings 77...Day49...'With the Current"

Feelings 77...Day50..."Listen to the Quiet"

Feelings 77...Day51..."Twinkle"

Feelings 77...Day52..."Curiosity leads to Passion"

Thanks again for being a part of my journey...Feelings 77


Friday, April 15, 2016

Reveal your Stunning Self

Working on these frail  teabags is
like having a control on your breaths
If the mind wanders
the breath is sure to be unsteady
and so the movement of my hand
on the teabag
 could also get shaky!
A great learning wxperience for me
much like meditataion
teaching me each moment to be calmer
and then "From my flaws I Bloom"!

Feelings 77...Day 39..."From my flaws I Bloom"

Feelings 77...Day 40..."Appreciate Little things"

Feelings 77...Day 41..."Inner strength"

Feelings 77...Day 42..."Only some will Taste Life"

Feelings 77...Day 43..."Plump with Abundance"

Feelings 77...Day 44..."Reveal your Stunning Self"

                                  Feelings 77...Day 45..."Rolling through Twists and Turns"

Keep up your creative spirits friends
and reflect your self worth :)