Friday, April 11, 2014

Wonderings !!

Sharing the beats of my little heart
that whisper all day long

One says it is all right
Second says something is wrong!
And then the one which skips to beat
tells me it's just perfect!!
The smiles I share
and the tears I cry
each tiny beautiful moment of joy 
like first rainfall on the already damp soil
Oh! that glitter in your eyes
when I sing the song in your heart
and how much I feel proud
when your thoughts I think aloud
and as I nurture this
extra-ordinary existence
I am filled with wonderings
a few questions
 and some doubts
but one thing I am certain...
everything will be gorgeous soon
and that's what it is all about !!

Monday, March 24, 2014

"Around here"

So now you know where did I vanish !

We are having a UAE Green Festival here.
 I am associated with a beautiful online art gallery
 called Kobo Art.
 I got this opportunity
 to be a part of this green drive in Dubai through Kobo Art.

 It was great fun to create art pieces
 from recycled material !! 
I always always believe in the magical ways
 of recycle and reuse !!
 It saves you some pennies,
 reflects your love for mother earth 
and is soooo much fun !!

This is an installation which we have done at 
the Heritage House, Bastakiya, Dubai.
Empty water bottles have been used
 to show the depletion of natural resources
 and the disastrous situation
which we may face if we do not choose to recycle and reuse.

Done on a hard board,
 residue of coffee (which had been brewed and filtered) 
has been used to give a lot of textures to this art piece called "Adventure"
      The work is inspired by nature,landscapes and geology.
 The textures give a three dimensional look
 and the trails of overlapping colors 
led me to quite an intuitive and magical "Adventure".

If you have visited me in the last few weeks,
 you would be aware of
the tea bag illustrations I have been doing.
Now since the tea bags have been
 recycled  and reused
after satisfying the tea lover in me
it was a good idea indeed to display them as recycled art !!
My kettle, milk container
and that little garden chair are also on display.

"Around here" I named this work of mine
 is a big scale work of art
done using a variety of recycled material.
The base is a Gypsum board
 which had been earlier used for a graffiti workshop
... broken in the middle
 and has an irregular shape.
I used an empty pack of ferrero rocher chocolates 
to represent a solar window.

A blue water bottle lid here 
and the tiny water droplets show that we need to save water!
The face of my,Eco-Angel as I have named her,
has been done using an old burlap rice sack :)
and also the little birds singing the "Green songs" !!
Her neck shows photo film negatives and some round seals from spray paint cans !

 The wing of the Eco-Angel has been created using some old music sheets!

The Eco-Angel has a message to spread...
"Around here...or there...together we can make a difference!" 

By the way the tiara on her head is the beautiful beady portion of my chappals (shoes)  :)
and her earring from a matchbox !!
Are you finding me crazy ?

Yes I did go crazy and quite adventurous while doing this art piece!! 

So here is my final piece...what do you think ??


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chai...A sip of India !!

When I was told by The Indian Trumpet
that their March April issue is celebrating Chai
and that I needed to do some illustrations for them
I was thrilled because
Chai is ...
a sip of India !!
It carries a great importance in the life of an Indian :)

and so I began my journey...

Do you drink Chai ? Which one is your cup of tea ?
Different regions in India have their own special Chai ...with special names !!

Masala chai is a healing elixir if it creates a state of balance within our being. 
During winter, warming spices like ginger, cinnamon and pepper
 will keep us in harmony with the season. 
However during summer, 
mint, fennel, coriander, saffron, and the cooling nature of sweet milk, 
can help us stay cool and balanced.

Hum Saath saath hain (We are always together)
 shows the various things that go absolutely, crazily well with a cup of Chai...
I asked a few friends the first word that comes to their mind 
when I say Chai...
and then this illustration came up :)

These are a few tea labels which I illustrated ! Some known...some old  :)

These are a few of the excuses we Indians take to enjoy a cup of Chai !!...
morning chai....chai with breakfast...
chai for no time chai
chai with friends.....and so on  :)

This is the humble Chai waallah (Tea Seller) who is the life line of India :)

Hope your voyage with my cup of Chai has been memorable :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dance...Love...Sing...Live !

A lover asked his beloved, 
Do you love yourself more 
than you love me? 

 The beloved replied, 
I have died to myself

and I live for you.

I've disappeared from myself
and my attributes.
I am present only for you.

I have forgotten all my learnings,
but from knowing you
I have become a scholar.

I have lost all my strength,
but from your power
I am able.

If I love myself
I love you.
If I love you
I love myself.


I hope you enjoyed my tea bag illustrations last week too !

Wondering why the first one has that pinkish hue?

...well I used the natural organic color from beetroot here  :)

Be awesome today !!

Thursday, February 20, 2014 never before

I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living !

This is my favorite quote
 and my mermaid love does not allow me to forget this either.

My mermaid wears no mask
for she knows she is glorious !!

Can you guess
 what have I used here as the base of my illustrations ?

I find my days too short for all the art I wish to make
for all the words I wish to write
 for all the happy thoughts I wish to think
for all the books I wish to read
 for all the laughter I wish to share with my family
and to be with all the friends I wish to see...
and so many other things I wish to do !!

Celebrating every moment as it comes...

A lot many arty events are coming up
 and I am so anxiously waiting for each one of them !
Loving my pens and my paints even more now
...they hold the power to make my heart smile
 and my eyes cry for the pleasure
so divine
and in the process I love who I am becoming !

Friday, February 7, 2014

Keep wearing that SPARKLE in your eyes !!

So I am back again with some more memories of Street Night Art
through my lens,
as promised in my posts

Have I brought a smile to your lips ??
Are you feeling all Arty ??
I am sure are feeling all recharged and happy at heart :)

After a few experiences
this week
I have had some great learning
and now
I am investing in my JOYFULNESS  !!!

Yes I am determined now
 to dare...
to dream...
and meet my heart's longing !
I will risk
looking like a fool
for my passion...
for my dream ...
for the adventure of being alive !
I will dance
 with wildness...
and let the joy fill me
to my tips and my toes !!
I will shatter my fears
 and celebrate 
each day 
my little victories!!

Yes I am determined 
to clean out toxic influences 
that diminish my happiness
and will march forward
making each day an absolute best day in my life!!

I designed this zentangled piece for VOSS water lately !
and I just love what I wrote for there...

"Keep wearing that SPARKLE in your eyes !! "

My patterns just kept flowing 
one after the other while I was doing this piece 
and this is how I wish to write the story of my life
without letting anyone else hold the pen !!

Wishing you all a sparkling day ahead :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Street Night Art... Cosmic Adventure !

As promised I am here with  all the fun and adventure 
I had during the event Street Night Art.

I am sure you did read about it all in my last post
So now let me take you on an adventure !!
Yes I am sure you are going to lurve it  :)

"Did i forget anything?"
...the question I asked myself a thousand of times...
.although I knew I was going to get everything there  :)

This is how the street looked when I reached !
By the way I was there an hour and a half early...
now doesn't that show my overwhelming enthusiasm :)

The big blank panels we were supposed to work on !!

And here I am all set with a pencil and ruler ...

Six o'clock in the evening....

and the adventure begins...

smiles all the way ...

lines by lines...
strokes by strokes...
the canvas starts to brighten up...

And there was a band on a trailer 
...playing some awesome music
 ....yes we had live music too :)

The "Cosmic Adventure" has taken its shape!


There were two buses which were painted by the team of START ....
there were many cheerful kids, exhibiting their enthusiasm 
and my sons were there to paint too :)

and this is how it finally looked like :)....amazing isn't it !!

Now a few words about what I painted...

Cosmic Adventure
As the stars glitter in the big wide space …
like cosmic confetti sprinkled all over,
 He stands there gazing into oblivion.
Bored of his monotonous terrestrial life
He is ready to explore and discover.
 He is not a mere onlooker but has a dream
… a dream of some enchanting celestial venture!
Intoxicated with the celestial bliss he is up for an adventure…in a new territory!
He knows deep in his heart that a new chapter in his life is about to begin.
And as he sees another free spirit
On another celestial body floating in the cosmic Jacuzzi…
He is exhilarated
And feeling at awe
He is ready to take a leap into the unknown!
Yes and he is determined to grow his own wings while on his journey! you see a shadow of another being on the other planet ??

Keep visiting for soon I bring in what others did on their panels !!