Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Art at Urban Haat

Today I give you
 a glimpse of the funfilled event 
I was a part of.
 Urban Haat in BelapurNavi Mumbai
 is a place blessed 
with natural beauty.
 It is a place where various artists 
and crafts men showcase their art and talent.
An event "Art, Craft and Food festival"
was held recently here and I had my fingers in the paint tubs again!
As an artist 
I was given an opportunity
 to do some live painting
 on a big canvas tied... between two huge beautiful trees.

The event was orgganised
 by an NGO called Era for Woman 
which encourages women artisans from rural 
areas to come forward, 
show their talent and earn their living. 
Keeping up with the theme 
of women empowerment 
I showcased different facets of a woman
 through my painting. 
If she is as delicate as a lotus...she can also let the world hear her roar if the need be!

And now my favorite part of the whole event.
 I wanted the fun to become more interactive.
And so caught hold of these tiny little cuties to get soaked in my colours!!
You can see how much fun we had!
These kids may be little in their size 
but they were way too smart.
 And look at the messages they have given!!

Friday, November 20, 2015


You are my laughter
wrapped in moonshine!

A blessing pure...
complete and divine!

The warmth...the
Abundance of love and care!

the laughter... the talks
the simple nothings that we share!

going with one another

You and Me...
are just meant to be!

Loved you from day one
Love you still!

We turn twenty five
And again we begin!!

Ups and downs...We will walk through
whatever it may take!

And let the world be at awe
at the mark together we make!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A new story...A new canvas

                                                                I think a new house
 is like a new blank canvas.

 You have to start
 from the beginning.
 Give a few strokes
 add some textures
 check the colour 
feel the vibes
 keep taking those baby steps.

Loving it all!
making a new story, weaving new dreams 
I imagine
 I create 
(without timelines and deadlines)
 I smile
 I love and I live!!

I tend to buy stuff 
that I love 
regardless of 
which times it belongs to
 or its monetary value!
I have always done so!
And I don't tire of looking at them!
I think that is the key...
I decorate to impress my own self
to breathe in several wow moments 
all twenty four hours a day!

Just being "me" is all that
it takes!

Blessed to have this house
...an airy retreat!!
...and a postcard worthy scenery!

I am trying to do my best
 in this moment
 so that it puts me
 in a fantastic place
 for the next moment.
Like people plan their dream wedding
or a dream vacation
I am planning each wall
and every corner!

Each bit in the house
needs some sparkle!

So I am on an adventure
 every day 
paddling on
 leaving a glittering trail behind!

I have always loved flowers and plants
and am in the process of 
growing some!

Will be soon back with more pictures of 
what I am up to!
Till then 
take care and live your heart out!