Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A new story...A new canvas

                                                                I think a new house
 is like a new blank canvas.

 You have to start
 from the beginning.
 Give a few strokes
 add some textures
 check the colour 
feel the vibes
 keep taking those baby steps.

Loving it all!
making a new story, weaving new dreams 
I imagine
 I create 
(without timelines and deadlines)
 I smile
 I love and I live!!

I tend to buy stuff 
that I love 
regardless of 
which times it belongs to
 or its monetary value!
I have always done so!
And I don't tire of looking at them!
I think that is the key...
I decorate to impress my own self
to breathe in several wow moments 
all twenty four hours a day!

Just being "me" is all that
it takes!

Blessed to have this house airy retreat!!
...and a postcard worthy scenery!

I am trying to do my best
 in this moment
 so that it puts me
 in a fantastic place
 for the next moment.
Like people plan their dream wedding
or a dream vacation
I am planning each wall
and every corner!

Each bit in the house
needs some sparkle!

So I am on an adventure
 every day 
paddling on
 leaving a glittering trail behind!

I have always loved flowers and plants
and am in the process of 
growing some!

Will be soon back with more pictures of 
what I am up to!
Till then 
take care and live your heart out!


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Memories made in flip-flops!

I just sit and remember
the happy memories...
the moments I treasure!

my feet carry...
the touch of the shore
my lungs breathe again...
the salty air...and more!

the overwhelming white waves
dance with glee...
romancing with the warm sand
celebrating the blue sea!

I hold the tiny shell
on my palm
listen to its heart
so calm!

the faded tan
still smells of the sunscreen
the wind in my hair
whispers..."how have you been"!!

each shell I hold
in the folds of my sleeve
makes me smile
and in its magic... again I believe!

my heart beats...wherever it be
and my soul...
stays anchored to the sea!!

So how do you like the table I have designed
...painted... distressed!!
My attempt to save the memories made in flip-flop!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

From Dazzling Dubai to Magical Mumbai !!

(Mixed media...The Island of Love!)

The other day a friend asked
"Isn't it difficult to move from a place you love 
to a place that is absolutely strange to you?"
...and I smiled!
If nothing changed 
there would be no
butterflies :)

I have left
 a piece of my heart
 in so many places !!
 And the best part is 
each piece smiles 
whenever I remember that place!!
 Blessed I am :)
Collected moments...
made lots and lots of memories...
some friends for forever...
all this and much more...
that no one can steal!
So a new place..
.a fresh beginning...
beautiful location... inspirations...
curious faces...
new projects!!

Happily excited...loads of fun on my way :)

And yes how can I forget to mention my new house...
just like a new blank canvas...
ready to be filled with colours...
colours of newness...hope...

The scent of Dubai lingers on 
and will be there all my life
all that bling bling still makes my eyes sparkle 
those random memories I made with my friends
make my heart smile.
The paints I smeared my hands with
the creative journey...
the artists I met...
the little ones I taught
(or may be I learnt from)...
and so so so much more!!

Mumbai...another land in my own country
a brand new adventure...
lots to see
loads to create
meet new people
making the most of the energy in me
and the energy that surrounds me...
adorn the scrapbook of my heart
many many
new happy pages!! me is rearranging myself...
rearranging my thoughts
participating consciously
and living each moment as it comes!

So my lovely friends stay with me
 as I dream 
new dreams!!

Be a part like you have always been :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

World Art Dubai

Now all you art lovers out there...
especially those who are not here in Dubai...
here is a chance for you to 
take a dive into the ocean of colours and all that is art... I just took one!
World Art Dubai just happened here...
an event which lasted for four days had a huge number of galleries and artists showcasing there art and I got the opportunity too!
World Art Dubai, Inspiring Lifestyle with Accessible Art – is a new accessible art fair, part of Dubai's Official Art Season, created to bring together regional and global artists and galleries with Dubai’s international community.  A unique fusion of art, education and entertainment, the debut of World Art Dubai reflects the city’s growing prominence as a leading culture and arts hub.
The World Art Dubai housed an affordable collection
 of several hundred modern,
 contemporary and fine artworks
 comprising paintings and prints, photography, sculpture, installations, performances,
 mixed media, new media and street art
presented by international and
 local artists and galleries from across four continents.
 It was an art fair to cater for all art lovers, buyers and collectors.
I am sharing here a few pictures for you my friends to enjoy!

Oooooh ...hope you have had your fill !!