Saturday, May 31, 2014

An incredible experience!!

I recently attended a workshop organized by Artry . 

It was as if I took an adventure into the beautiful world of art
 with charcoals in my hand, 
easels in a very spacious room,
 remarkable peace in the air and
 so many artists and art lovers all around !

As I entered I thought YESS this is it! 
This is the kind of place I wish to be in! 
There were smiling faces to greet me and all.

Artry is a shared vision of a group of artists 
to understand and foster dialogue between artists
 and their practice,
 a space for in-depth explorations into art.

We had to observe the model
 sitting in front of us and
 draw with charcoal.
 All the necessary material was provided to us.

                                                                  We were fortunate                                                             
that we got an opportunity to learn from the best
. Mr. Ram Chandra Babu 
who is an illustrator with Gulf News.

 He was kind enough to share with us 
some good techniques 
while we did a Life Study with him.
 He made a perfect use of his knowledge
 and enthusiasm to encourage us.

The environment as a whole was unintimidating.

I felt extremely positive vibes,
 a sense of tranquility and peace
 flowing in my mind and body 
with an urge to create.

It was amazing
 how all of us saw the subject in a different way.
Each sketch was unique and beautiful.

It was a weekend filled not only with
 art and creativity but also fun and learning.

Thanks Artry  :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The call of a heart !

And the brown of my eyes
floating again in the pool of silence
longing to see the new face of love
smiling with astonishing eloquence...
And I wait within my heart
to dance out
the next step
choreographed by... love
to sing aloud
another melody... of love
I know,my smile is precious
when your hand covers mine
cherishing 'that' moment in the moments
I suddenly feel alive...
appearing as I am...
my tears rolling down your cheeks
and I see you turn into many eyes
quietness speaking a thousand thunders
and then those eyes into many hands
as many as the strands of my hair !
...and the brown of my eyes
floating again in the pool of silence !

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A slice of moon !

I take a fine slice of moon
place it on my dish
then whip well a cloud
with a delicate wish
next is a wedge of rainbow...
looks quite like a candy
sprinkles of stardust
come in quite handy
a dash of mist for the dressing
and a generous squeeze of rain
then I stir in a lot of love
with passion insane
flambe it with my breaths
a pinch of love again for the garnish
the divine soul food is ready...
to go straight through your eyes
to your heart... in less than a while
and my eyes
wait to see the taste
on your rather lyrical smile.