Sunday, January 26, 2014

Street Night Art... Cosmic Adventure !

As promised I am here with  all the fun and adventure 
I had during the event Street Night Art.

I am sure you did read about it all in my last post
So now let me take you on an adventure !!
Yes I am sure you are going to lurve it  :)

"Did i forget anything?"
...the question I asked myself a thousand of times...
.although I knew I was going to get everything there  :)

This is how the street looked when I reached !
By the way I was there an hour and a half early...
now doesn't that show my overwhelming enthusiasm :)

The big blank panels we were supposed to work on !!

And here I am all set with a pencil and ruler ...

Six o'clock in the evening....

and the adventure begins...

smiles all the way ...

lines by lines...
strokes by strokes...
the canvas starts to brighten up...

And there was a band on a trailer 
...playing some awesome music
 ....yes we had live music too :)

The "Cosmic Adventure" has taken its shape!


There were two buses which were painted by the team of START ....
there were many cheerful kids, exhibiting their enthusiasm 
and my sons were there to paint too :)

and this is how it finally looked like :)....amazing isn't it !!

Now a few words about what I painted...

Cosmic Adventure
As the stars glitter in the big wide space …
like cosmic confetti sprinkled all over,
 He stands there gazing into oblivion.
Bored of his monotonous terrestrial life
He is ready to explore and discover.
 He is not a mere onlooker but has a dream
… a dream of some enchanting celestial venture!
Intoxicated with the celestial bliss he is up for an adventure…in a new territory!
He knows deep in his heart that a new chapter in his life is about to begin.
And as he sees another free spirit
On another celestial body floating in the cosmic Jacuzzi…
He is exhilarated
And feeling at awe
He is ready to take a leap into the unknown!
Yes and he is determined to grow his own wings while on his journey! you see a shadow of another being on the other planet ??

Keep visiting for soon I bring in what others did on their panels !!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Street Night Art

The beginning of the new year could not have been more arty !!

Dubai is a plethora of art and culture
and this beautiful city keeps surprising me with various opportunities
to nurture my passion for art
and at the same time meet and learn from other artists !!

I am a part of Dubai Art Fans 
which aims at working together
 on community art projects for public displays.

They can also be found at Meet Up and facebook.
This group, under the leader ship of  Mona Al - Assa'ad strongly believes in 
painting together
holding workshops
and learning new techniques from each other.

All of us in this group are striving hard
 to turn our dreams into plans....!!

Now twenty artists
 from this beautiful group Dubai Art Fans 
are participating in a wonderful event called Street Night Art !! 

Can you smell the excitement ? 
I am sure you can !!

It is an initiative of all quoz project.

The aim of this project is to create interaction between cultures, 
participation and creativity from over 200 nationalities
 united in one city and that being Dubai. 

Street Night Art is being held on the 24th of this month 
from six in the evening till midnight....Isn't that amazing !!!

Around fifty artists, 
and I am one of those lucky ones of course :)
 will be painting on the streets of Dubai...all !!!!!

Just imagine the arty aura that would be spread all around ....
 oh I am so anxiously looking forward to all that fun!!
...and all this fun for a cause....what else could I wish for !!
The art pieces so produced will be auctioned 
and the money will be used for laborers in Dubai !!

Now how about some art work that I have done recently....

He is a Motu (fat) Chaiwaala (tea seller) blowing the Indian trumpet !!
 Can you guess what is that 
tiny sheet of delicate paper ??
 ...Hahaha...I have done this illustration on a used tea bag!!

I have just finished a project on "Chai" ... 
the national drink of I call it  :)
 for my favorite ezine called The Indian Trumpet ... 
I will be posting the other illustrations as soon as the magazine is out !

Some zentangling on a used tea bag again :)

...and this one is for my childhood lurve !!!
some matchbox style art :)

Are you wearing a crown of flowers
 on your head today ???
well if not...go...wear it now

 and let its roots reach your heart :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weeds and Buds !!

Weeds and buds entwine together
and so is the  law of nature

The year that has just passed
 brought me both...

and while with buds I adorned my hair
weeds taught me to be brave and take care.

each bit and every moment has turned into memories 
...which I treasure.

I tried not to overlook or dismiss
 that what is quieter, beautiful
 and delight-filled .

I learned to pause 
and savor the natural rhythms.

The clouds which came in my days
 to add odd darkness
I used them instead
to add colors to my sunny skies

Hey friends I wish in 2014 
like the sun and the moon and the stars !!

Thank you  all for your support throughout the year. 
 Your daily visits and encouraging comments 
are a constant source of inspiration . 
Lets continue to shower love and happiness on each other ...always !!

Wishing you all an ARTY and a very Creative New Year :)