Friday, January 30, 2015

Zen !

a new venture
a new journey
each day
every moment

a little chaos
 many memories
loads of magic
even more dreams

No rush
no tears
just 'this' moment
no fears

just being with you
who possesses the most beautiful heart
the most friendly hand
the kindest of eyes

....You are my favorite face in this universe :)

through the eyes of my soul
I wish to read 
that otherness
 that your eyes reflect!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Capture your Dreams!

Hello my lovely friends!
How have you been?

I am absolutely delighted to announce that my "Chai Tamaasha" ...the tea tantrums
is on Little Majlis!!
Little Majlis is a specialist online market for handmade
 and artisan products, 
marketed by Gulf–based artists, designers, cooks and crafters.
Little Majlis encourages buying handmade 

and in doing so, supporting local talent 
and the region’s growing arts scene, 
as well as promoting small business. 
Little Majlis offers something unique to consumers.

 It gives them the opportunity to find that special thing 
that is not available in the shopping malls.

Whether you are a consumer from the UAE 

or somewhere else in the world, 
you will be able to shop 
at Little Majlis!

So how is January being to you?
I am sure each one of you must be enjoying each and every moment and loving what you do!
Yess this to me is really really important
and I am absolutely loving what I do every day!
I am surrounded by people
 who stimulate my creativity
 and make me look within
and think deeper!
This beautiful, authentic and positive energy
 is what keeps
 the artist in me keep exploring more,
 connect with newness
learn more,
begin afresh,
transform ,
and in the whole process
expand my horizons!

Sharing my poem "Dreams"

  Oh ! How I wish
to make
a leap...
on the back 
of the crazy wind...

take a deep dive
and then soar again...
dip my glorious
in the orange sun rays...

soak ...
in the cool
dare ...
to claim 
the sky!

In my little eye
the globe...
I wish to
And in my heart

Oh ! How I wish 
to reach out...
to the end 
of the map

and with my beak
leave a mark
and everywhere !!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tear Off that Mask...Your face is glorious!

I only speak of the Sun
because the Sun is my Beloved 
I worship even the dust at His feet.

I am not a night-lover and do not praise sleep
I am the messenger of the Sun !
Secretly I will ask Him and pass the answers to you.

Like the Sun I shine on those who are forsaken
I may look drunk and disheveled but I speak the Truth.

Tear off the mask, your face is glorious,
your heart may be cold as stone but
I will warm it with my raging fire.

No longer will I speak of sunsets or rising Moons,
I will bring you love's wine
for I am born of the Sun
I am a King !

~ Rumi
Ghazal (Ode) 1621
Translated by Azima Melita Kolin
and Maryam Mafi