Thursday, August 27, 2015

Memories made in flip-flops!

I just sit and remember
the happy memories...
the moments I treasure!

my feet carry...
the touch of the shore
my lungs breathe again...
the salty air...and more!

the overwhelming white waves
dance with glee...
romancing with the warm sand
celebrating the blue sea!

I hold the tiny shell
on my palm
listen to its heart
so calm!

the faded tan
still smells of the sunscreen
the wind in my hair
whispers..."how have you been"!!

each shell I hold
in the folds of my sleeve
makes me smile
and in its magic... again I believe!

my heart beats...wherever it be
and my soul...
stays anchored to the sea!!

So how do you like the table I have designed
...painted... distressed!!
My attempt to save the memories made in flip-flop!!