Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Listen

I surrendered myself
to the moment
and then in a flash
felt it injecting
tons of joy boosters
into my veins

each tiny peck
clinging to the other..
caressing each other

once they were all inside me...
began to create a beautiful mosaic

and I could listen ...
yes I could listen to
the beats of love.. sprouting
from the tiny tree of life
in my heart...

wowness... bringing
a smile to my eyes
...wider than sky
and bliss was all over me!!

and I embraced it all !!

Monday, June 9, 2014


 Henosis is the amalgamated world of two artists,
 combining their unique styles to bring forth a new dimension of morphed reality.

I love to draw and paint
 the themes that are unusual and off the beat.
Now what do you say 
when you hear from Henosis 
that they are holding an exhibition
 and the theme is 
"22 ways to Kill your Boss"

 I know you already have that smile on your face and tightened fists.

Why 22 ? Because 22 artists were chosen to display their emotions :)

Now since I do not have a conventional boss 
and I am my own boss...
I was in a fix but then
 I immediately realised
 that in the recent past 
certain negative people and 
negative situations have acted quite bossy on me
and I have managed to overcome 
those without harming a soul
 and by managing my anger in a quieter way.

In no time I decided what I wanted to show through my art.

So here is a glimpse 
of the opening night on the 5th of June
for all of you to enjoy !!

I called my painting UNSHAKABLE and here is a short description of what I wanted to show

"I am constantly on a mission to eliminate all sorts of energy vampires around me.
 Now they may be people with negative frame of mind or situations 
but I have taken a pledge to be just me…
a happy, calm, composed, compassionate and peaceful person at heart. 
I would never ever sacrifice my own positive thoughts
 which I treat as my most valuable possession 
and be a slave to such dysfunctional mindsets
 and will keep reflecting the same through my artistic endeavors.
“I will not allow anyone to walk through my mind with their dirty feet”…as is so truly said by Gandhi ji. Through a simple maneuver involving free will and choice, 
I have learnt how to deploy my own thoughts 
to break through limitations,
 turn failure into success,
 and activate my own healing powers.
 The negative, discouraging forces around me continue to show their powers
 but then in spite of these provocative negative forces
 I will continue to stay positive, poised and peaceful."

        ...and here is my piece....

So this is my way of the 22 ...
do let me know
what would you do !!