Thursday, December 31, 2015

An abundant 2015!

Time cannot be kept at bay.
On the brink of a good year, I look back and smile.
Year 2015
 has been so eventful
and so very beautiful.
A lot has happened in this year.
I feel more abundant
I know the best is yet to arrive!

I thank from the bottom of my heart
 all of you for being a part of my journey.
The madness...
the magic...
the celebrations...
the confusions...
made my heart roar to a level that was truly magnificent!
It has been quite a party!

Once again
thanks from the bottom of my heart for visiting me
and taking time to talk about my work....
Your presence and your words 
mean a lot to me 
and I truly appreciate this!

As I say goodbye to 2015 
and welcome2016.

I have a few affirmations to make to myself.
 I am going to write it...
blog it...publish it...
sketch it ...colour it...
saute it ...try it
create it...
design it...

just make it!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

All you need is to be swept away!

How many of you love to travel?

Oh me ... I am a neverending case of wanderlust.
 If I am not travelling
 I am reading about places and dreaming to be there! 
Travelling is my second love...
first of course being all things arty!!

My travels inspire me,
 challenge me 
and excite me 
to have more and more 
adventure in my life! 

The world is so big 
and there is so much to explore 
and fall in love with before it gets dark!!
I always travel with my family
 and so it is all the more beautiful and full-filling. 

When we visit a place
 we tend to bring back 
along with us
 a whole lot of pictures and mementoes
 but stories related to the experiences we had...
are the greatest souvenirs of them all!

 So, through my travelogues/ my stories... 
I want my readers to go through the same compelling, 
exciting, exotic, 
surprising or experience that I had undergone!

Have you visited "God's own country" yet ?
Here all you need is to be swept away!!
Do read my travel story at Tripoto !!

I am sure you are going to mark it in your wishlist!!