Thursday, April 24, 2014

Emerald Wok

The UAE Green Festival came to an end last week.
 Actually my heart is not full yet and 
my creative juices are flowing still.

I am getting addicted to the Recycle Reuse Recreate mantra.
And why not 
this spirit should run every day all year through!
Well, I am doing my bit
 it makes me smile :)

UAE Green Festival organised a Green Menu contest
 in collaboration with Signor Pomidor Dubai...a family run healthy Italian kitchen and fresh deli.

Now this contest demanded a Green Recipe.
So here is my submission "Emerald Wok".

And guess what !!!

My illustrated recipe is
 the winner of the contest !!!

And this means 
I get a chance
 of an incomparable cooking experience 
at Signor Pomidor :)

I am a pure vegetarian 
and a true believer of
 "You are what you eat" 
and  I try not to be Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake !!
I have high respect for the sacred human body.

 If art is my first love ...
cooking comes next :)
(and here I have combined both )
I love love love to cook 
healthy and wholesome 
and try to incorporate rainbow colours 
to my food through fresh vegetables and fruits :)

How do you like your food to be?

 My recipe "Emerald Wok"  is a super hit among my family and friends.
So when I read about the contest
It was easy for me to go for this !
and here it is for all of you to try out ...
trust me you will not be disappointed :)

The ground work for all happiness is
good health...
so my dear dear friends take care of yourself...
listen to your body...
choose what you eat ...
 stay healthy...
and happy  :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wonderings !!

Sharing the beats of my little heart
that whisper all day long

One says it is all right
Second says something is wrong!
And then the one which skips to beat
tells me it's just perfect!!
The smiles I share
and the tears I cry
each tiny beautiful moment of joy 
like first rainfall on the already damp soil
Oh! that glitter in your eyes
when I sing the song in your heart
and how much I feel proud
when your thoughts I think aloud
and as I nurture this
extra-ordinary existence
I am filled with wonderings
a few questions
 and some doubts
but one thing I am certain...
everything will be gorgeous soon
and that's what it is all about !!