Friday, May 24, 2013

Special patterns :)

Hey friends
I am volunteering these days for START - a non profit organisation which uses art as a medium to
heal, educate and enrich the skills of children in the poorest areas of Middle East. Here in Dubai it runs workshops for children with special needs including Autism and Down Syndrome.
I am volunteering as an artist and taking workshops at Al Noor School for Special Needs.
I am extremely happy to share with you all a few pictures of the amazing work done by the kids.

Beautiful pattern by one of the girls at the school.

little hands creating the magic

She liked to do it in a triangle !

This one looked like a rug :)

proudly presenting...:)

absolutely neat :)

don't miss that cute little hand with perfect pink nails :)

she was fast enough to finish two !!

one stroke at a time :)

Believe does bring joy to their faces and seeing that , I feel fulfilled !!

Now is the turn of my work this week !!

 I did this abstract piece on textured paper

in mixed media

I like the way the paint shines here

the texture of the paper enhances the work :)

this is the final picture 
and I can see a dancing figure here...
celebrating life !!

What do YOU see ?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unleash the 'spectacular' within !!

  I sat there that moment
with a spark in my eyes
curious...confused... marveling
where my strength lies...

looking for a miracle
happening now ...happening here
a moment ...that is magical
and I looked and looked everywhere

every shadow... each star
every thorn... each flower
I looked... and ...searched
in the sun ...and in the shower

what made me different
I wondered
and in this quest for illumination
I surrendered

I sat there that moment
my heart ... still...
calm... and listening to each beat
I tried to look within

and then I found I am here
to live this 'now'
to let my radiance shine
 to be me... and to be a WOW :)

 If we practice spectacular long enough,spectacular 
will become our way of being.
...........Robin Sharma