Friday, February 22, 2013

Just be !

A kernel hidden in me...
a spark...bubbling with energy
ready explode
to reveal the 'unique' in me

calling me to choose remain in my shell
or... to burst out
and enjoy the eternal

and I opt not to live "in"
but to pop "out" and fly...
breathe in the sunshine
stretch...beyond the sky

ready to bear the pain
and to face all odds...
I wish to feel on my face
the touch of the silvery clouds

to have those stars
twinkle in my eyes
to embrace all
the lows and the highs

Thinking about this journey
makes the little kernel smile
as if it has already lived
the magic... for a while

Is the kernel in you ready to explode??
Come on believe me YOU ARE DIFFERENT
and your different is different from my different !!

Have a magnificent week ahead :)

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Did you see my "Pod of love"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pod of Love !

Hey all my friends of the big blogging world
I love you all

                                                              your visit makes my day
                                                       your lovely notes and comments 
make my heart smile

your words boost my spirits up
with you I can be what I am
and say what I want to say

                                                       So my dear dear friends thanks...
                                                  thanks for being an inseparable part of my life !

Recently I read a quote by Buddha which said 

"You yourself as much as
anybody in the entire universe,deserve your love and affection. "

So do remember to Love Yourself ...   
embrace yourself for what you are
and shine on :)

You are meant to make an impact !

Are you wondering what this is?
Well this was a seed pod 
which I picked while on my morning walk
I brought it home and opened it to have a look inside...
the seeds fell down.

While my fingers were engaged in playing with the pod
I just happened to put it down in a shape which resembled
a valentine :)
and so thrilled was I that I called it my "Pod of Love"

I am painting it red and gold and my creative juices
are giving me ideas...

Do you have any?

For this "Pod of Love I am loving myself "

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