Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dream catchers...

                                             Like woven worlds they come
into her room each night,
bright , one after the other... never ceasing,
until morning light .

She dances and the swirls and the whirls
make her feel like a swan,
the scent of her smile
whispers...she surely CAN .

her feet rejoice
as they take little flights,
her eyes reflect
the glory of sunlight .

Feeling close to the power above
she drowns completely,
into the enchanting melodies...
with poise and oh so gracefully !!

Entering her state of slumber
she lays calm upon her bed
sure ... no bad dreams can enter
will be caught by the dream catcher instead.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The rage is over !!

sits calm with great poise

sings sweet with amazing range

is a playful happy queen

Keeps sorrows at bay

is a chirpy funny fellow

The background is Sepia and Sage 
 which completes the Summer of Color rage !!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Candy Apple Red and Yellow !!

Hi friends...
It is very very hot in my part of the world...
what about yours ??

The best thing about staying indoors
 is that I can spend endless time with my colors

 and my art, 

explore attics in solitude
 and enjoy reading the old books...

and sometimes just inhale the quietness...

and I feel it's a luxury denied to many :)
Well SOC is another way of enjoying indoors !!
 The prompt this week... Candy Apple Red and Yellow !!

Here is another work in progress  :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Charcoal and Pink !!

SOC prompt this week was Charcoal grey and soft pink
and my birdie looks just right in this sophisticated combination :)

Every week a new bird flies in here
and sits on the branch
new friends 
new songs
new talks
new moments...and the
new "now"

...and this branch is becoming quite a happy and a happening place

And today as I write this post am grateful
 for all the life’s lessons that I have received.
 I am appreciative of all the love that I am able to give and receive.
 And I love my life for all the beautiful things 
and special people that I have been blessed with.
 I will try my best to spread as much of the happiness
 and sunshine around 
through the work that I have chosen to do.