Friday, March 31, 2017

I fly...I Rise...I make an Impact

Hey people

It has been really long 
since I wrote a post. has been a real crazy art 
and fun filled time for me.
 You would believe me when you see what i mean!
Ok so I got a chance to
 be a part of the Good graffitti Festival.
 the festival was recently held here in Navi Mumbai.

Good Graffiti Fest was a fusion of creative expressions 
& inspirational talks.
 It was a platform for creative minds
 and social change leaders to create, showcase their work,
 exchange ideas and inspire the youth. 
There was Community Graffitti, 
live painting by various artists,
 several creative workshops , 
Art competitions for children
 and some wonderful inspiring talks from social leaders.
 Overall an overwhelming experience
 which will remain in the memories.

The theme of the entire festival was "Impact starts with I"
To begin a social change we need to beging with "I" that is ourselves!
What a wonderful thought!

And so when we are talking about Graffitti 
how can I sit quietly and yes I painted and painted to my hearts full!