Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Road Less Travelled !

Looking for you my angel
 I walk the road less travelled!

that soothing touch...
that smile...uplifting !
those pure eyes like
thousands of stars...twinkling!

you call my name
and I hear you whisper...
 I feel your hand
warm and soft like a feather!

the fragrance of your love
spread all stars
the breeze too echoes
the beatings of your heart!

Ever ready to lose myself
my love... to find you...
and then to drown in you
just to soar again!

and I walk on and on
humming the song
 of our love
carrying your smile on my lips!

I know you are here...
here...there...and everywhere!
you are not missing from me...
you are a magical affair!

And I do believe
that you would never leave
But why then
Looking for you my angel
I walk the road less travelled!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Watch my Rising!

No matter what
I will not give up
come what may
I will live it up
For their words
I don't care
I smile
and that's my flair
Will pull myself out
from every strife
Know this is me
 and this is my life
If I fall apart
I would gather those pieces
mend myself...rebuild myself
and make myself
 what I have
 dreamt to be!
 Like a new dawn follows
the dark scary night
so would I rise...
 and rise...
and that's my right!
With all my flaws
I will 'Just be'
 a Limited Edition
that's what I am born to be!
I am a dreamer...
and a believer
Now ...they will
watch my rising!!