Monday, January 28, 2019

I saw the River fly!

Have you seen a river fly?
Well I have!
This morning, here!

She had sprouted wings of mist
Out of fallen stars

They smelled like incense

And a thousand flowers!

She was flying
Trying to touch the Sun
To embrace him ...
To wrap him 
in her love

The wildflowers giggled
The trees whispered
The birds indulged
In the morning songs
And oh the river ...
Stayed quiet and calm!

She spread her wings
Even more now
And the higher she soared
The brighter the Sun shone!

And then the river
Glistened and blushed 
Sending sparkles as she swayed
To the music the wind played
Leaving glitter
In the air!

And just then I saw the Sun
As if he responded to the calling...
As if he had taken a dive
...Into her heart
Aiming to dissolve himself there
Now and for forever!!

The Sun 
The river 
And then she embosomed 
all that fire!

(New work in progress)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Trust the magic of new beginnings

Wish you all a very happy 2019.

I am really excited to have come back to my blog once again.
I know I have been away ...the reasons are many including the technical ones.
But the good thing is I am back at it.

The start to the new year has been totally magical.
I have made some new beginnings and met some new people,
You know how some people you come across just click...
and you get the same happy beautiful vibes from them
that you always crave for...I find it truly magical!

Well holding on to same pure and true moments ...
I will be back soon with a lot of images from my work in progress...till then enjoy these!

Stay happy...spread happiness!!