Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Turning Pointe"

Hey my lovely friends
It has been actually long since I wrote a blog Post !
Wondering what I had been upto ?
Well I was busy with my hands in the paint jars
and my eyes glued to my canvas  ...
creating "Turning Pointe"

W2W is a specialized event management company
which promotes and offers platform to various professional organizations,
 companies, Brands, and individuals.
 Over the years, w2w has conceptualized and created various genres of events to cater to this ever growing market.

Every year W2W create an event
Against the Tides 
where artists from various nations 
join together to showcase their talents. 
The 5th edition of the event which had a super opening on this 28th of September
 is still on at Dubai International Art Centre. 

Here are a few pictures to give you the feel...

It was an absolutely delightful experience. 
The theme this year
 was to celebrate the survivors and fighters of breast cancer. 
An opening night where 
warriors walked in eye catching attires
 celebrating "Pain to Power,"
adorning the walls were beautiful paintings
 representing different perceptions 
of artists
 celebrating "faith, strength and perseverance"
 of breast cancer survivors!  
There were songs on guitar,
and poetry reading also !

My painting "Turning Pointe"
was dedicate to the theme and
inspired from my own poem 

  I sat there that moment
with a spark in my eyes
curious...confused... marveling
where my strength lies...

looking for a miracle
happening now ...happening here
a moment ...that is magical
and I looked and looked everywhere

every shadow... each star
every thorn... each flower
I looked... and ...searched
in the sun ...and in the shower

what made me different
I wondered
and in this quest for illumination
I surrendered

I sat there that moment
my heart ... still...
calm... and listening to each beat
I tried to look within

and then I found I am here
to live this 'now'
to let my radiance shine
 to be me... and to be a WOW :)

It was a night with
beautiful vibrant colours splashed all around ,
cheerful, beautiful people,
creativity in the air,
an unmatchable...lively atmosphere
and all this was just enough to 
lift my spirits high!