Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zest of life...again !

Weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue called for artwork in'orange'.

Now orange is my favorite too because it not only is vibrant and lively and energetic but also sends those positive...happy ... feel awesome vibes...which are so necessary for my daily dose.

It also stimulates enthusiasm and CREATIVITY :)

So to meet my daily requirements I once thought of doing something with this orange crush of mine and the better see for yourself :)

Is this 'ORANGE in plenty' or 'JOY in abundance' ? ... :)

Also sharing my 'Zest of life' I call this painting ...with  Mandarin Orange Monday.


  1. What fantastic to read that the color orange gives so much. I have made just one in orange but I didn't know that.
    Your portrait is very beautiful Rita and such wonderful details.
    Lovely greet

  2. I must say orange is not on my list of paints to use. :) She looks gorgeous!

  3. She is beautiful, Ritu! I agree with you about orange. So positive and energetic!

    Thanks for playing at Inspiration Avenue this week, I hope you'll join us each week!


  4. Positively joyful and rich in the beautiful orange color! Love your artwork. The oranges necklace is a delightful touch.

  5. Love her orange necklace!! :):)

  6. I agree with everything you said about the colour orange:) Your artwork is beautifully orange - and i like the way you use texture and pattern in overlays. The closeup is great! I also love orange and blue together. Thanks for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  7. Stunning..... I totally agree about orange!

    I love her gorgeous hair and the background.


  8. I'm tempted to paint my workroom orange after reading your post! Love the art and the words...wonderful! Wishing you joy in abundance!

  9. Your entry and beautiful lady made my Monday extremely shiny and bright!!


  10. Orange was such a different colour for me to use, but I loved this weeks challenge! You have created such a beautiful painting. I love it. x

  11. I love this piece - loved your orange but really like the layers and layers and the way her hair is blowing across her face. Very cool.

  12. Orange has never been brighter or more inviting. I love her orange slice necklace.