Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art in motion

"When god created the horse, he said to the magnificent creature: I have made thee as no other. All the treasures of the earth lie between thy eyes. Thy shalt carry my friends upon thy back. Thy saddle shall be the seat of prayers to me. And thou shalt fly without wings, and conquer without sword; oh horse.”

So I sat down to draw 
a tangle at a time
with love and care
with focus so rare...

projecting my dreams
strong and beautiful
shining and graceful
and soaring high

Each tiny stroke of my nib
joined together 
to give a picture 
of this mighty creature

Don't you think they are 
"Art in motion " :)

Sharing this with all my lovely friends at PPF , MOM and Artists in blogland


  1. Ritu this one is fabulous. All your tangles and complete picture is so unique and a wonderful piece of art. Great work.

  2. Magnificent! Yes, art in motion! Oh, I do love this... Beautiful, beautiful. ~ k

  3. So very beautiful..gorgeous moving tapestries..wonderful post and beautiful words!
    Shine on..thanks for sharing such a fantastical vision!

  4. This is a mesmerizing piece, Ritu, because your spiritual personality comes through. Thank you for sharing it with us. Blessings!

  5. ooooh wow Ritu this is so fabulous, you have amazing patience and talent. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Unbelievable! So much detail! Wow!

  7. Fantastic! I love all the meandering lines and pattern that make up your magical horses. Thank you for sharing them on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  8. Oh this looks like the beautiful henna work I see women do.... just impressive!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Rita this is just beautiful, you are so talented. Beautiful post!

  10. Beautiful! Such detail!

    Carol of A Creative Harbor ^_^

  11. Like Pegasus, the fantastic horse looks ready to fly on wings of imagination!
    It is beautiful, Ritu!

  12. Rita, this is so beautiful! I have horses and always love seeing horses in art...these are fabulous!! Happy PPF!

  13. This is poetry in motion!! Absolutely lovely.HPPF

  14. Definitely Art in Motion. Beautiful!

  15. Absolutely amazing zentangles!!! One of the most beautiful I've ever seen. You definitely have talent in this art form.

  16. Magnificent! Wow - the flow and movement and ink! Just amazing, xoxo

  17. Amazing work..loved the flow and the perfection with with the ink work is done. Beautiful!!

  18. OMG they are stunning! So royal and strong...I can feel the wind floating around their manes :)