Friday, May 24, 2013

Special patterns :)

Hey friends
I am volunteering these days for START - a non profit organisation which uses art as a medium to
heal, educate and enrich the skills of children in the poorest areas of Middle East. Here in Dubai it runs workshops for children with special needs including Autism and Down Syndrome.
I am volunteering as an artist and taking workshops at Al Noor School for Special Needs.
I am extremely happy to share with you all a few pictures of the amazing work done by the kids.

Beautiful pattern by one of the girls at the school.

little hands creating the magic

She liked to do it in a triangle !

This one looked like a rug :)

proudly presenting...:)

absolutely neat :)

don't miss that cute little hand with perfect pink nails :)

she was fast enough to finish two !!

one stroke at a time :)

Believe does bring joy to their faces and seeing that , I feel fulfilled !!

Now is the turn of my work this week !!

 I did this abstract piece on textured paper

in mixed media

I like the way the paint shines here

the texture of the paper enhances the work :)

this is the final picture 
and I can see a dancing figure here...
celebrating life !!

What do YOU see ?


  1. I am sure the students adore having you teach them... your sense of colour and line is shining through their work as well... wonderful...xx

  2. I absolutely adore kiddie's art, and while teaching for 43 years, I saw a lot of it- the openness and innocence always takes my breath away. Happy PPF.

  3. The art of the children is wonderful, some very nice patterns in there. love your work too, very nice textures, and I definitely see dancing figures in there!

  4. lovely piece and I love the children's art too! Charming post!

  5. The children's work is absolutely delightful. They must have enjoyed it so much....Your abstract piece does shimmer and have so much texture showing, marvelous. Happy PPF

  6. Your mixed media piece is fantastic. I love the texture and the shine and the gorgeous design. Also, the young folks' works show there is a lot of talent there. Loved all the triangles.

  7. such a beautiful thing you are doing for these children. Artists in the making! Love your abstract painting!! Happy PPF

  8. I can see several dancing figures and an angel! Great textures. Happy PPF

  9. START sounds amazing!
    How wonderful that you are using art to help these children. :)
    Love you mixed-media abstraction, too!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. What a wonderful endeavor teaching kids art. Such a joy they must find in your direction!! Thanks for sharing these adorable pieces, done by such sweet hands!! And yes I see the hands up dancing girl in your painting...Fun post!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. That's a truly rewarding task you've undertaken, Ritu! The children's work is absolutely gorgeous, so I know they're having fun. Your painting is gorgeous as always - Blessings!

  12. Glad to see you enjoy and the children too! It sure must be so satisfying and the paintings are so good!

  13. What wonderful work you are doing with the children! Their pattern work is so colourful, looks like they are having a great time:). I see the faces in your abstract:) Love the texture too. HPPF

  14. yes! I see the dancing figure too! And what a wonderful thing you're doing. This is a very inspiring post. Happy PPF weekend!

  15. Wow...very inspiring..wonderful work! Loved the pictures

  16. I can totally see the dancing figure - I think your abstract is so lovely. It must be so rewarding + inspiring to see the wonder in those little eyes as they create. I would love to do something like that. x

  17. I see a loving and kind and giving person...."YOU!" Lovies, samara

  18. there is such spontaneity in their work which makes us smile.your work is full of energy too!

  19. Oh YES! I see it too! What beautiful work - all of it. And I love the idea of you teaching the children - they are lucky to have you! AND thank you for playing along with The Summer of Color again this year - SO excited to have you, xoxo

  20. That is incredibly generous of you to be volunteering. Hope you bring smiles to many children. :)

  21. That is nice of you. I'm sure the students had a great time creating those beautiful patterns.

    Mine entries:
    Beaded Shades
    Green ans Cute

  22. Great lively and expressing work! Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  23. Oh how wonderful to teach art, they are very lucky to have you! Love your textured piece. HPPF!

  24. Awwww, how wonderful! Their art is precious. Your abstract is fantastic - and I see dance as well!

  25. thank your for sharing all the "young-artists-work" I really love the "green-sun-piece" AND your own abstract work is gorgeous with the white on top of all the yumminess ♥ Conny

  26. Hi Ritu,
    Nice to see your blog ! I like these paintings. I also like the cover image of your blog . Look forward to seeing more nice paintings !
    Adity @

  27. Hi Ritu, nice to see your blog and to meet you here. I like these paintings--hope to see more of them.
    With regards,