Friday, June 14, 2013

Citron turquoise

“And so with the sunshine 
and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, 
just as things grow in fast movies,
 I had that familiar conviction that
 life was beginning over again with the summer.” 

Yes with Summer of Colors
being here my 'arty' life has taken 
a fun lane again :)
The fun is going to run for 
six weeks with six exciting color
I have decided to put all the six
prompts on a single 
sheet so as to create 
something which denotes
the Summer of 2013...

Now this week's colors are
citron green and turquoise !!
i totally totally love
the combination...
and here is what I did

...a birdie

with a twinkle in her eye...

 hope in her gaze...

and a sweet summer song in her heart !!

 Are you wondering my friends 
what's that on the branch now???

Well that's my favorite silver Pandora bracelet
which happens to have some citron green and turquoise beads !!
Now what do you call that...
a simple coincidence
my LOVE for the colors :)

Yes I have a news to share here
is a great mom's online bazaar and community
also encouraging and promoting mompreneurs,
mommy bloggers and inspirational moms
and my blog
Beneath my heart...Art
has won 
"Mommy blogger competition"
organised by them !!!

and this is what the kids with special needs 
did this week

I called their tree...
"Dreams in Bloom" :)


  1. Love your bird Ritu. The colors are perfect for it. Nice work.

  2. What a beautiful bird painting; there's a twinkle in it's eye.
    Congrats on the "Mommy blogger competition" win. Very cool!
    And the special needs kids painting is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well done for summer of color!! Love that sweet bird.

  4. wonderful birdie - wonderful post!

  5. Congratulations Rita! I love the cheerful little birdie with its summer colors! And well done to the kids who made the tree! Soo pretty. I'm sure the project made them happy! patsy

  6. Beautiful work, love the bird and the painting by the special needs class is awesome.

  7. Congratulations on the win... your blog is wonderful and I can see why you won... and the SoC bird is wonderful... my daughter has a pandora with beads of similar colours...xx

  8. Love the cute birdie!! Very nice work you have done with wonderful vibrant colors!

  9. What a wonderful post Rita.

    I do so love your little birds and this one with your pretty bracelet is so cute :)

    Congratulations to you!

    The tree is amazing - what a brilliant project. I just love how it turned out.

    Karen x

  10. oh my gawd! The bird is gorgeous! and so sweet. :)

  11. congrats on winning with your blog and i love your little bird-perfect for the colour combination. i always get a fright when the music starts playing on your blog as i'm never expecting it!

  12. congratulations on your win Rita and to your children. Loving the gorgeous bird.
    Happy SOC, Annette x

  13. I loved this post- I loved the art and the joy and the fun. Happy PPF.

  14. Beautiful painting loved last two images. Congratulation on winning "Mommy blogger competition".

  15. The cutest, sweetest little bird! <3 Love also what your students did, wonderful! <3

  16. Big congrats to you and your blog, which is wonderful!!!! and I just have to tell you how much I love your birdie and the branch he is sitting on! Such a beautiful and creative piece!!!!!

  17. I just adore your bird! Congrats on being honored-lovely photo of you along with the beautifully painted tree and group shot. Happy PPF!

  18. beautiful bird and congratulations on being so deservedly honored. I love the group shot with that joyous tree!

  19. I love your little bird, Ritu, and congratulations on your well deserved award! I love what you are doing with the special needs children too. Blessings!

  20. WOW, love your gorgeous bird painting, Ritu!!. And congrats on the win :).

  21. Ritu, what a wonderful post! Your bird in citron and turquoise is so gorgeous, with or without beads. And the painting of the hands-tree by the students is fantastic. I hope it will find a special place to be displayed.

  22. I love your sweet little bird and congrats...x

  23. Love your bird and congrats to you! HPPF!

  24. Dear Ritu,your bird is wonderful and your music too :)
    It´s always a joy to make a visit at your blog.
    Happy PPF

  25. Wonderful birdie!
    And I love what you did with the kids with special needs. Lovely.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  26. Fantastic post and congrats!!!! Your bird is so precious and your projects divine, good, good for you and your attitude with those kids. Happy PPF

  27. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS color and the bird! wow...spectacular!

  28. congrats, well deserved! You little bird is adorable in citron green and turquoise. I love Pandora bracelets.

  29. I love the Great Gatsby. Great bird and congratulations!! :)

  30. A BIG HI, Ritu...
    I was in between a big move; moved from Dxb to Kerala and it was when I read your comment in the art bus post. I would have loved to meet you. No probs, may be when I visit Dxb as my hubby is still there :)

    Coming to your post, Beautiful bird and the bracelet just suits it :)
    And its a great idea to create six prompts as a single creation.
    HPPF and HSOC :)
    Deepa (your new follower :))

  31. And Yes, Congratulations!!!!
    Which place is that? Al Noor?

    1. Yes Deepa that is Al noor I am volunteering there and teaching the kids some way :)

  32. Your bird looks very pretty and that beautiful bracelet totally goes with the challenge:)

  33. That is a beautiful bird - love that he is perching on your bracelet in the picture. Your wonderful special needs children created a beautiful work of art this week! HPPF

  34. Hi! Your citron and turquoise bird is so beautiful!! I too, love these colors together, and your bracelet would certainly be a favorite of mine, too. Gorgeous! Happy Summer of Color3!

  35. Oh that bird is so sweet ... And it seems to like your bracelet too. Congrats on winning the mommy-blogger-competition!

  36. Sooooo beautiful this fantastic bird. love it Rita. And I do love the bracelet.And congrats with the winning of the competition.
    lovely greet

  37. Awe, congratulations on your honor! You so deserve it, your inspiration here in blog land (and in helping others) is far reaching and your art is just gorgeous. I LOVE your idea of a single sheet for the Summer and your bird! LOVE her, she is so so sweet, xoxo

  38. Awesome..Awesome…Awesome!!! I love your SOC challenge. I also love your blog design. Congratulations on your blog being honored. I'm betting you haven't stopped smiling. Can't wait to see what else you do for SOC.

  39. What a precious bird - love how you used the colors. And congratulations!