Friday, August 2, 2013

Living simple pleasures of life :)

Hey my dear dear friends

Hope you are enjoying every moment
and weaving some gorgeous...everlasting
memories !!
and making happiness happen  :)

I am so very excited ...
next week I am flying to Delhi
my home...
and the thought of being there...with my loved ones
is just enough to bring that smile on my face :)

I am going to be away for some time
living simple pleasures of life...
and with His grace will be back soon
with memories to cherish forever...
and then I will be ready again
to paint my canvas with the breathings of my heart :)


  1. Your birds are lovely! Hope you'll have a wonderful time in your homeland. Enjoy!

  2. I love the way you incorporated the pentangles into your beautiful birds. I especially like the alluring eyes in the owl. May you be blessed on your journey in whatever you do and come back safely.

  3. Beautiful work Ritu, your birds are just exquisite! Valerie

  4. I love your beautiful birds and mandala -your trip home sounds wonderful.

    Karen x

  5. Beautiful birds this week!

  6. Your birds are adorable. Wishing you a brilliant trip back to your home town to see your family.

  7. Love your birds, the yellow birds expression is quite whimsical. xox

  8. I like all three, but the owl is my favorite, great job. Saludos

  9. Beautiful work! Glad you decided to share it on Orange you glad it's Friday. Thanks for joining and I hope to see you again next weekend.

  10. lovely work, have a safe and wonderful trip!

  11. what a happy wonderful piece - I have always wanted to go to Delhi - and I adore the background on your blog! It is rad

  12. All three are lovely! Wonderful birds!

  13. The owl looks very cool and sophisticated. Have a nice trip, my brother-in-law is from New Delhi.

  14. I loe the expression of the face - those eyes! and the delicate line and pattern - and colour of course!
    Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday. Sorry I am so internet connection all week :(

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