Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happiness in a glass and more :)

What on earth 
could be more luxurious 
than some relaxing music ... 
some tubes of paint ...
 a brush in your hand ...
 a sketch book on your desk ...
 and a cup of coffee !!!

I am sure you all would agree :)

Recently I had a chance
 to visit a super cafe called Spill the Bean...
and it's here that I got a chance
 to enjoy this absolutely fabulous cold brew with dates...
So I thought of capturing
 the happiness I experienced
 in a glass and share it with you all my lovely friends...

Well yes I have painted this
 using this wonderful, 
ground heaven called coffee as my medium...

This is how it was served... in a glass ...
are you drooling ??

I also did this "Sunny side Up" !

Hungry ???

"Start" provides art education 
through workshops for refugees, orphans and children with special needs
 across the Middle East and India.

Photo: Looking forward to our Universal Children's Day celebration with amazing local artists Maisoon, Ritu and Rania - For more information about participating and volunteering, please contact

Next week Start is celebrating 
Universal Children's Day and 
I am one of the artist's helping them hold an afternoon of art workshops !!
I am feeling lucky for getting a chance
 to be recipient of  tons of unconditional love from these kids :)
You too can show your support and love. 
Visit their website to find out how !

I absolutely love these tiny houses 
we created out of recycled objects with "Start" 
at Al Noor School for special needs kids.

The kids are absolutely amazing !!

Have a brilliant day :)


  1. Hey Ritu, Nice to see your art and the work you are doing to help children! All the best!

  2. You've got me absolutely starving! I'm so glad it's almost Summer here and I can start having iced coffee again :D
    I'd never thought of using coffee to paint a

  3. Rita that Coffee does look fabulous and now I feel like I need to fry some eggs too...darn it!! Yummy art...good for you being a facilitator for such a good cause. Have fun!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Thankfully I'm enjoying my cup of coffee while reading this-AND, believe it or not am going to have an egg for my breakfast soon :) Your coffee looks so good! Great paintings. Love the sweet village of houses too.

  5. Thank you for sharing the sweet village and the story behind it Rita, sounds a wonderful job to do.
    Love the coffee and the egg. Have a great week, happy PPF, Annette G x

  6. I love having music, burning incense, and a soothing beverage when I work, so I can relate to your post. The children's homes are beautiful, so I know it was a joy to work with them. Blessings, my friend!

  7. Beautiful that coffee colored palette! and Yay.. Many awesome you are hosting a workshop for such a wonderful cause..sounds amazing..shine on friend..that is fantastic! Thanks for sharing and shining your magic!!
    Great photos!

  8. I absolutely agree! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos on OYGIF. Hope to see you again this weekend.