Thursday, February 20, 2014 never before

I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living !

This is my favorite quote
 and my mermaid love does not allow me to forget this either.

My mermaid wears no mask
for she knows she is glorious !!

Can you guess
 what have I used here as the base of my illustrations ?

I find my days too short for all the art I wish to make
for all the words I wish to write
 for all the happy thoughts I wish to think
for all the books I wish to read
 for all the laughter I wish to share with my family
and to be with all the friends I wish to see...
and so many other things I wish to do !!

Celebrating every moment as it comes...

A lot many arty events are coming up
 and I am so anxiously waiting for each one of them !
Loving my pens and my paints even more now
...they hold the power to make my heart smile
 and my eyes cry for the pleasure
so divine
and in the process I love who I am becoming !


  1. LOVE that mermaid! And I couldn't agree with you more. Time is running so fast and there's never enough of it...

  2. Beautiful Teabag Art Ritu. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. I love the way you are celebrating with your beautiful art!

  4. teabag art!!! wow!!!! this is so cool!!!! love these!!!

  5. Powerful post..such beautiful expressive art..full of magic! and uplifting. I love the quote and your words..very empowering..
    hugs and sparkles

  6. I nearly had a heart attack! My heart is still racing. The music came on loud and unexpectedly after the art was showing. Beautiful job on the papers that everyone is saying is teabag art. The music matches the art, and is enjoyable, once I have turned down the volume.

  7. Tea bag art!? I never would have guessed. Lovely illustrations and soothing musical accompaniment!

  8. So perfect are the words and art you share! I feel the same...and agree with that quote one hundred percent. Art just fills my heart and soul too!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Very cool! \Great sketches and love the mermaid quote!

  10. Lovely blog....glad you shared your processing and your philosophy♪

  11. A wonderful teabag! You are very creative.
    Thanks for the beautiful music. What a nice gesture!.

  12. Lovely lovely art. You are so creaitve and inventive. Your last paragraph is very touching. Wonderful post.

  13. Love all of them.I can't believe those are teabags, but I'm wowed. Love your header, too, by the way.

  14. First I thought brown paper - but now I see the teabags. Wonderful drawings and such a beautiful post.

  15. They are very lovely , imagine teabags, wow!

    Annabelle : )