Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I let my thoughts meander through the sea of moments
 I spent with my family in the God's Own Country,
 as it is very aptly called, Kerala.

Kerala is one of the most sought after destinations in the whole of Asia. It is characterised by the unique features like The arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats in the east and an amazing network of Forty four rivers.Now this was quite a lot to lead us to this exotic state in India.

As we entered our resort called Niraamaya Retreats in Kovalam
 a big flash of smile spread on our faces.
 An absolute tranquil reception with a soft incense fragrance in the air 
and magical peaceful atmosphere.

 Absolutely green place with small traditionally built cottages
 nestled among the tall and handsome coconut trees.
The best part- it is situated just on the long shoreline with a serene beach,
 clean and accessible only to the guests.
It also is a destination for Ayurvedic health holidays
 and we were blessed to have an in-resort spa with such blissful facilities.

The art-lover in me was completely enchanted
 with the artistically done restaurant.

 Kerala has an exotic cuisine 
and although we are vegetarians we were completely spoilt for choice by the chef.

The super part was that all the vegetables that were cooked, 
were grown in the vegetable garden of the resort itself 
and whenever we showed our desire
 to have  fresh coconut water ...
a man would climb up one of the hundreds of coconut trees in the resort
 chop it ...
bring it down
 and serve us could anything in the world be fresher than that ?

Actually there was so much of art and culture to admire wherever we went...
whether they were the museums or the ancient palaces or the local markets.

We took a boat ride in awesome stretches of Poovar backwaters

 a lush hill station called Ponmudi.

 The whole area lends a beautiful sight of sprawling plantations and paddy fields.

At night the waves sang us lullabies and how I loved falling to sleep with that sound
In the morning they wished us good morning with a lot of energy and cheerings
coconut trees swaying and dancing to the tune of the cool breeze

not even an inch of land is untouched with greenery!

It indeed was a vacation superbly spent!!
Hope you enjoyed reading my post :)
So what have been you upto ?


  1. lovely post thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation!

  2. Kerala looks stunning... it is a region I have wanted to visit for a long time... I was actually reading about it's style of cooking just the other day... fabulous photos...xx

  3. What a trip and I didn't even have to pack!
    Beautiful photographs and lots of incredible detail. A fabulous post.
    Lots of amazing sights and inspiration... thanks for letting me tag along.

  4. Ohhh this is just breath taking. I would love to go there.

  5. Oh my, you certainly know how to "sell " a place :-) I'd love to go there, just reading your descriptions and seeing the pictures brought the tranquility and calm right to my desk :-)