Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A new story...A new canvas

                                                                I think a new house
 is like a new blank canvas.

 You have to start
 from the beginning.
 Give a few strokes
 add some textures
 check the colour 
feel the vibes
 keep taking those baby steps.

Loving it all!
making a new story, weaving new dreams 
I imagine
 I create 
(without timelines and deadlines)
 I smile
 I love and I live!!

I tend to buy stuff 
that I love 
regardless of 
which times it belongs to
 or its monetary value!
I have always done so!
And I don't tire of looking at them!
I think that is the key...
I decorate to impress my own self
to breathe in several wow moments 
all twenty four hours a day!

Just being "me" is all that
it takes!

Blessed to have this house airy retreat!!
...and a postcard worthy scenery!

I am trying to do my best
 in this moment
 so that it puts me
 in a fantastic place
 for the next moment.
Like people plan their dream wedding
or a dream vacation
I am planning each wall
and every corner!

Each bit in the house
needs some sparkle!

So I am on an adventure
 every day 
paddling on
 leaving a glittering trail behind!

I have always loved flowers and plants
and am in the process of 
growing some!

Will be soon back with more pictures of 
what I am up to!
Till then 
take care and live your heart out!


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