Thursday, March 10, 2016

Feelings 77

Remember in my last post Opulence
I spoke about new beginnings...

Feelings 77

One feeling a day 
expressed on a teabag for 77 days!!

Feelings... 77... Day1..."Opulence'

Feelings 77...Day2..."Honour your Soul"

Feelings 77...Day3... "Hope"

Feelings 77...Day 4... "Escape the Ordinary"

Feelings 77...Day 5... "Tossed not Sunk"

Feelings 77...Day 6... "Indulge in the Self"

                                               Feelings 77...Day 7..."Storytellers"

Feelings 77...Day 8... "Joyful Legacy"

Feelings77...Day 9..."Therapy"

Feelings 77...Day 10..."Build your own doors"

So these were the Feelings 77...Day 1 To Day 10

I am sure you are craving for more by now!
More surprises await you!
Keep following me on this trip as I sail through the various Feelings everyday!
Sixty Seven more to go !!


  1. I LOVE those ta bags! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Super art. I love most the "Honour your soul".
    Happy PPF xx

  3. Your drawings are wonderful. Enjoyed the music too. :) I loved tossed not sunk and storyteller.
    Happy PPF 6th birthday celebration..
    Vicki-Ann :)

  4. wow Ritu, these are all so intricate and beautiful!

  5. I am so impressed with the detail you have created on these tea bags. Simply wonderful.

  6. Today I have seen many ways of doing art....and your tea bags have caught my attention! They are really and feeling!!

  7. Really beautiful! Happy PPF! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  8. These are so wonderful I might have to start drinking tea. As if I could ever come close to what you do! Congratulations on winning a PPF necklace.

  9. You're on a roll!I will have to come back to the blog everyday just to see what you created next. Extraordinary work. Congrats!