Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boats on the shore

Do you love being on beach?

I really really do :)

Standing on the hem of the sea makes me realize and acknowledge the power of the God Almighty even more...

I feel the beauty of peace and the feeling is deeper than the sea itself...

When on beach,I just can't resist myself from collecting shells. This time I thought of putting my treasure in a box frame so that I can admire their beauty more often...

As soon as I put them in the frame, the idea bulb glew again :) Yes I thought of making boats the way we used to do when we were small. So just took out some origami sheets and quickly made an orange and a red boat :)
Then was the turn of waves! So just tore a few blue sheets from old magazines...all the possible shades of blue...and arranged them randomly like waves and it was ready!

Can you feel the calmness of sea at your shore??


1 comment:

  1. Hi mam,

    This is really awesome....i am in spell ......cheers for every creativity......