Friday, April 6, 2012


Welcome to Beneath my
I love all that relates to art and colour.

I am very fond of experimenting ,mixing and matching and using anything even trash to create what can be called a piece of art.I am most intrigued by faces and tend to put them in my work.

I simply adore pretty patterns. I use ink on paper to draw and sketch these lovely looking swirls and curls which leave me with a feeling that is completely out of this world.It is like meditating which I can do for hours relentlessly.
Nothing can match the joy and contentment on my face when I am in the process of creating or doing up my house.
I am awestruck by the colours in the sky when I watch sunrise from my window,smiling faces of my sons and my husband are just enough to give my day a true start and cooking a colourful and deliciously beautiful meal rejuvenates me.I love to laugh with my family.
The smell from a bakery,a whiff of vanilla,beaten coffee,my mom's kadhi chawal,sondhi mahak..the earthy smell after the first rain,a long.. very long drive in the rain are some of my favourites and the list is really endless.
I believe in always being a first rate version of myself instead of second rate version of somebody else.
It is this passion for art and colours which motivated me to start this blog.This also is going to be a place for all those who love life with all its various colours and with different artistic strokes it showcases every moment.Here you are going to give yourself a  break and enjoy.
This I am sure is going to be a place where I can be ME..


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