Thursday, May 3, 2012

A bond...unbreakable!

I recently attended a short course on sculpturing.I always so desperately wanted to try my hands on this and feel that wet and sticky clay with my fingers and try to create...just create :)

It surely was quite a fun and I simply loved doing it.But then while browsing through the net I came across Saper galleries and found some awesomely mesmerizing work of art.I was so inspired that I thought of creating a tile of my own...and so this piece which in no way matches what I had seen but it still is very dear to me for every time I have a look at it a flash of smile adorns my face.I sort of relive those beautiful moments when my sons were born!! ...Aaahh it gives me such delight and a sense of pride that is matchless :)

And yes Mother's day is just round the corner.Sitting here so far...away from my mom ...I miss her truly...
I thank my mom for the millions of things she must have done for me till today! Thank you mom!


  1. Thankd fr visiting me. Hey!! I liked your tile. Wish I could learn too! Yess, Mothers r the best. Thinking of my Ma. Missing her.

  2. Wow,..where did you attend the course,..:)

    1. Are you here in Dubai? ...then at DUCTAC ...Mall of the Emirates! Thanks for visiting and appreciating!

  3. Did you do this at DUCTAC? with whom? Ritu.. have you been for pottery courses? I've been meaning to attend one..

    This is a gorgeous piece.. stunning!!

  4. Hi Rita: I've just been visiting your blog and I have to tell you. Your art is so beautiful and inspiring. I love this sculpture. You are very talented.