Sunday, May 13, 2012

Inner peace...

 When I finished this art of mine, I felt as if I was bidding a good goodbye to Spring and giving a cool welcome to summer.Now summer here is really really hot but then don't we need to open our hearts and welcome all those moments that await us! Without the dark we would not be able to admire the beauty of the twinkling stars ! :)
Accepting the ways of God and remaining calm in all 'weathers' is the key to inner peace and profound happiness! Now that is difficult you would say and I say it is not just need to practice...

So friends, spread your wings up and let the fairies in you fly and the peacocks in you dance and the birds in you sing and the flowers in your heart bloom and this definitely shall bring that unfathomable smile on your lips and a twinkle in your eyes.This way your presence will make others too feel uplifted and assured :)

...and the spring shall whisper in your ears all year through ! :)

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