Monday, June 4, 2012

Surprises keep me going!

It was a big and a very very pleasant surprise to see that the theme this week on Artist's Play Room
is "Let's Zentangle' :) This is what I just love to do and can keep doing hours together...relentlessly :)

After all it is yoga for mind !

I have done a number of posts on my zentangled pieces and am linking only a few here!

Please feel free to go through the blog for the other posts inspired by this art :)

Now this delightful surprise was a mere excuse for me to indulge myself in creating and dedicating a work of art purely to this week's theme :) and so here I am...

Yes I am a dreamer
with soft but sparkling dreams...
I hold the power 
to dream my dream ...
 I fly against the winds
for I have grown my own wings...
I soar high among the lacy clouds
and feel the whispering breeze
I see a rainbow...paint another
I float...and I breathe...
my lungs full with that sweet scent
and my heart ...all content
I feel His magic
 the sweet notes tinkling in the air
I am blessed ...I am free...I smile 
and to dream again... I dare!


  1. AMAZING!!!!...NO WORDS FOR ART WORK AND THOUGHT!!! You make me happy.

  2. These are truly amazing, you do such wonderful art work, and I love your poem too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. ooh, this is so beautiful!!!!!! have been hearing so much about zentangle lately, and this one makes me want to try it too!~

  4. poise, inner's very soothing to see these works of yours and read the poem which seems to waft like a fragrant thought...

  5. poise, inner's very soothing to see these works of yours and read the poem which seems to waft like a fragrant thought...

  6. poise, inner peace...your paintings seem to have all these and the poem seems like a fragrant thought...

  7. Hey Ritu, I am glad to have found your blog too. You are insanely talented and your work is so inspiring. :)

  8. Ritu, your zentangles are fabulous!! I can tell you enjoy doing them... they are beautiful. xoxo

  9. Beautiful creations ~ just lovely and so well done ~ thanks, ^_^

  10. Awesome heads! I, too, draw tangled heads!! :))

  11. WoWzers! Gorgeous work and writing!! Warmly, Tracy (APR)

  12. They are all amazing... the first is my favorite!!

  13. That last one is freaking me out it is so lovely... I need you to teach me some patience so I can create things like this... very inspiring...xx

  14. this is a lovely zentangle as are all your zens. Thank you for joining this week.

  15. I'm new to tangles, love your use of color.


  16. They are truly wonderful. There is so much detail. It would drive me insane to do that. I'm in awe of you.

  17. wonderful tangles....great job

    Cindy ♥

  18. Really beautiful Zentangles and and you are a poet as well!

  19. I dont know why.. but I thought I had commented on this one.. Anyway.. this are simply impressive!! :)

  20. I've never heard that expression before..."Zentangles are Yoga for the mind" but that is a perfect description. I adore drawing them but haven't incorporated using colour yet.
    Your drawings are so delicate and feminine. Just perfect!
    Thank you for sharing ;D

  21. lovely I have not seen anything like this. great work

  22. Ritu, your Zentangles are incredible! I have dabbled with them, but I need much more practice! I love how you have incorporated it into the hair and the entire piece. So beautiful and fabulous! Great interpretation on the dream challenge! Thanks so much for joining us for the June challenge and sorry I didn’t make it around sooner to comment!

    Heather :)
    Artists in Blogland