Sunday, September 23, 2012

Celebrating friendship :)

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart,and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Here is a list of things I would LUVVV to do with my friend :

  1.  wake up to see sunrise
  2.  take bicycles and go on a long ride
  3.  have breakfast together from the same plate
  4.  laugh at stupid jokes
  5.  sing funny songs
  6.  listen to her pointless dramas over and over again
  7.  pluck mangoes from someone else's yard
  8.  dance in the rain
  9.  do our favorite thing... nothing
  10.  watch sunset together

Actually the list has not finished as yet

11 watch a Disney movie
12 go through old photo albums
13 have some pillow fight
14 read a comic
15 laugh together
16 just be me :)

I know I listed quite a number of things there and still want to go on but I think I need to link this to 
Inspiration Avenue where everybody is celebrating friendship :)

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  1. ...greetings dear kindred! ~ yoU are a beautiful blogging friend! ~ blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  2. This is a lovely post. I love number 16 'just be me' Great painting too. love the collage elements x

  3. Rita what a very very wonderful work. LOVE it. Great painting and very special.
    Lovely greet and nice Sunday

  4. Brilliant! I love how you literally sculpted the dresses on your pastel illustrations using strips of sheet music. Blessings!

  5. What a totally beautifully celebration of friendship. I love it.


  6. Absolutely Gorgeous....your work is getting more awesome by the week.....almost unbelievable. LOVE IT !! :-)

  7. What a sweet post with a great message! I'd love to be your friend!

  8. lovely collage, lovely tribute to friendship!

  9. What a lovely painting. It sounds like you and your friend shared many special moments.

  10. Lovely work! Great idea for the dresses too!

  11. THis is unique and beautiful, Ritu.

  12. such a charming piece
    and lovely list too~

  13. Totally gorgeous and carries such a loving vibration..!The layered pieces of notes and music is visually stunning and inspiring..such a magical effect..i can almost imagine a soft breeze blowing and ruffling the would make a beautiful 'movie' short-stop motion film!( know what i mean?)Visual poetry!

  14. Lovely colors, composition, texture and loving creation ~ and love your friendship list ~ You must be a wonderful friend ~ (Creative Harbor)

    thanks for coming by and commenting ~ ^_^

  15. I true friend is like gold!! :):)

  16. Nice message lovely girls...great color!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. I love how you did the dresses! Your post about friendship reminded me about how much I miss some dear friends who have moved to far away cities in recent years. I am off to call them and tell them how much I appreciate their friendship!

  18. What a wonderful list!!! I LOVE the pretty pink musical dresses!

  19. A happy and musical celebration of friendship!

  20. Wow Ritu too love to do most them with my friends!!!! Nice to meet u and Thanks for stopping by

  21. I love any creation with music notes, and this one does not disappoint! A very creative way of using them:-)

  22. Love this post. What a lucky Friend she would have in you. Lovely Art piece.

  23. OH WOW! This is really very beautiful! I love the way you used the music! What a beautiful inspiration. (AND please forgive the late response - I almost missed your message, so sorry ;) xoxo

  24. Lovely art...Sharing this with my friends to celebrate our friendship :)!

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