Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Learnt so much...

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."
                                                                     Roald Dahl

This summer has been truly a summer filled with lots of bright colors of fun ,joy and enchantment. We have
had a blessed vacation with family and friends.

We visited the Paradise on Earth...Kashmir. I gathered a lot of memories and will carry them in my heart for years to come. I tried to enjoy the simplest of things and must tell you all that beauty does lie in simple things.

The high rugged mountains taught me to hold my head high even when the path is sure to make me stumble...

the dancing waters of the river told me to move on ...and on... with a song in my heart and a smile in my eyes...

the still lake taught me to be calm ...and to feel at peace...

the flowers and all the fauna around  told me to be awesomely awake ...and to celebrate life :)

The fresh cool breeze whispered in my ears to breathe...deep...really deep...and to be grateful !

Each sunrise inspired the 'me' in me to welcome the new dawn and make the most of it ...

every moonlit night made me believe that 'wherever your heart will find your treasure'...

Oh! so much to be thankful about...!!

There is a lot to talk about Kashmir...another post on art ...soon :)


  1. Rita a gorgeous painting. So beauitful and so much details. The sentiment is very beautiful. LOVE IT.
    And your picturs are so awesome I can understnd that this gives big memories.
    Lovely greet

  2. Beauty abounds here! I LOVE your painting with its colors and details. And, I loved your photos filled with heartfelt gratefulness. So happy to hear that you had such a wonderful vacation! Kathy

  3. Looks like a wonderful, inspiring, and yet relaxing trip. Beautiful pictures. :)