Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dancing to the tune of colors !!

Life is all about using the whole box of crayons...
and this is what I have been doing these days:)

Using the whole box !
Yes, the brighter colors ...a little more ...
for they mingle with the ones that are not so bright
and the outcome...
 is a surprisingly happy,cheerful...
 and crazy life :)
The more hues there are ...
the more life there is :)

I have been  
dancing to the tune of colors :)

This is a simple kettle which is used in India 
in every small dhaba or a roadside tea shop...
I have painted them earlier also
 but since I began blogging ...this is the second one
and I promise,you will have many more coming 
in the near future...

I also painted this small bucket 
and love the way even a simple looking object can surprise you 
when you give it your love...
and my love being my colors...I gave it some !
 and here it is bright and happy :)

"Clouds come floating into my life, 
no longer to carry rain or usher storm, 
but to add color to my sunset sky.” 

Sharing my box of colors with PPF


  1. Beautiful colours. Gorgeous art! Love the kettle. And hey, that blot paint art behind the kettle is amazing. We've made some over here, too!

  2. Oh I love this Ritu! The bright happy colours for everyday objects .... It makes life so much more fun.

  3. Gorgeous work... I am craving colour at the moment. I love how you are using all the colours in the box!!!

  4. Lovely paintings - the colors make me smile. Art can and does make even the most mundane objects of life very beautiful.

  5. How beautiful Ritu!
    Your painting,post and your whole site is so yummy and full of life! Gorgeous colors and energy!

  6. What wonderful happy things you created :) totally love the kettle! it makes me smile :))))

  7. Your paintings on both are beautiful and remind me very much of canal art. A lot of the canal boats have these brightly painted pots etc. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. The tea kettle would go in ANY kitchen. It is exquisite. That goes on a 'want' list. Blessings, Janet PPF

  9. What a beautiful and colorful kettle. Have a fabulous week!

    Kimchi and Mango Salsa
    Crab Cakes

  10. So beautiful - by adding these gorgeous colors, I see these everyday objects as the things of beauty that they are! Thank you!!

  11. Yes Ritu, teapots I guess are always favorites because...well, they're such cheerful people actually! :-)
    I saw my cousin's wife using a teapot like this in her house and I really liked it.
    Thanks for the visit!

  12. Oh wow, they are really colorful. Will the color not flake?

  13. Those are beautiful and colorful kettles..

    Visiting from MOM- hope you can stop by..

  14. It is great to see this fantastic teapot up close. It really is very beautiful in it's colour and pattern too. Thank you Rita for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  15. How beautifully cheerful these look! The colors are so vibrant and full of life. Thank you for brightening my day. :)

  16. Absolutely love using the whole box of colors! Such vibrant energy and happiness in these!!

  17. Yay!! Just looking at these beautiful pieces brings a smile to my face Ritu... such fun colours and designs. xox

  18. Wonderful! I love all the bright colors! You are indeed using up the whole box of crayons! What kind of paint do you use for this kind of project? patsy