Friday, March 8, 2013

My treasure !!

My 'family' is the precious most treasure I have...
and 'together' is the place I love to be !!

Family is not always love.
It's the people in your life who actually want you in theirs...
the ones who allow to be what you are
and accept you as you are

the ones who would do anything to see you smile
and will not let any tear come in your eyes
the ones who love you
in spite of all your follies

the ones who hug you
when you need it the most
lift you up when you are low
and believe in you no matter what...

I am blessed for I do have such a beautiful family :)

This week has been quite happening !

My 'Abhay" poster is a part of the Fearless Collective by Shilo Shiv Suleman in Bangalore.
This is an amazing campaign which talks about women empowerment.

My monks ( I swallow sunset ) have decided to bless Netty's house with love and peace :)
Yes, she has bought my painting.

I had a sweet chit chat with Disha  .....
Want to have a visit her at Design Decor and Disha

Oh yes Happy Women's Day to you all...

Within us is the power to create ...nurture and transform :)

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  1. You have written a powerful post here, and I take from it the treasure of the freedom that women all over the world need and want, a treasure indeed.
    I enjoyed the slow revealing of the whole of your lovely painting. Thank you.

  2. Ritu you are wonderful and very talented lady. The artwork and words you wrote here are very touching and so true. Saw your painting 'I swallow sunset' Indeed Netty's home will be blessed to have it.
    Cloud player widget on your blog plays soothing music. I stayed longer here to listen more :)
    Thanks for mention!! Wish you too a very happy Woman's day!

  3. such lovely birds, i love how well you draw them, so expressive. thanks for participating.

  4. I think you craft words to go with your art so perfectly... I wonder which comes first... the words or the art... either way ot is a treat for us to see...xx

  5. Your delicately drawn birds are very beautful.

  6. The birds are beautiful. I love the paper you makes it look like you could touch the birds and actually feel their feathers.

  7. This is just beautiful, as are the sentiments you expressed!

  8. Wowness...the birds are so blissful that one in motion ...and they carry wonderful energy..full of love, light and empowerment...fantastic!! Love your words and ..and the handprints are gorgeous!
    Super inspiring post!
    PS: love the warm color palette too

  9. Wonderful art and as always your words are both beautiful and meaningful.

  10. Beautiful mamma bird...caring and loving as I am sure you are! I am delighted for you, Ritu! Cheers for the feathers in your cap! :-)

  11. What a delicate delightful painting with beautiful colours.
    I also appreciated your incredible words...they really resonate.
    Congratulations on all of your deserve it :D

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