Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring forward !

" I stuck my head out the window this morning
and spring kissed me bang in the face "
....Langston Hughes

As I look through my room
a cosmos of flowers
... in bright happy colors
smile at me ...and so my day begins...

every now and then
I am reminded of the flowers
I stop and smile
feel the colors around me
and again I smile

I can sense the scent
and I breathe deep
and I smile
I can feel the touch
soft, delicate
and again I smile

I see them swaying
on the tunes of gentle breeze
asking me not to walk...
but dance
for Spring is here
and I smile again:)

Are the birds chirping ...
has the spring sprung in your part of the world too?

Oh yes by the way did you see my Crocheted Art bus ??


  1. Oh Rita what beautiful words and art... Spring hasn't quite sprung here yet... but we are so almost there! It's just sooo cold!

    Karen x

  2. Ritu!!! magical...lyrical..poetic...lovely words with your gorgeous art..i love the intricate details you add into your pieces..they give it a powerful touch..full of energy..and vibrational currents...sparking!
    we sound like kindred souls when it comes to nature and the seasons..I could talk to the flowers and birds for hours ha ha! They do talk back too! I am sure the same for you! I love your birds..always touch my heart!
    Blessings o Spring to you!!

  3. Hi Ritu, so nice to look at your lovely birds and butterflyes. So you love doodling, I love to doodle too :)

  4. I love all your beautiful, spring themed zentangle birds, butterflies and flowers with such lovely words too

  5. Beautiful words and such great zentangle birds and butterflies.

  6. Such lovely paintings - that art bus is amazing. Beautiful words as well - HPPF

  7. Lovely spring post!
    first time here. will linger around to check your other posts.

    please stop by our blog Aalayam


  8. Ritu, each one of your paintings is so pretty. I love the pen and ink on them plus, of course, the fabulous colors. My favorite of this bunch is the green bird. How fantastic he is! No, although the calendar says it is spring, so far it is not all that warm. But tomorrow it is supposed to be a great springlike day.

  9. Loving your paintings and doodles.
    Happy Easter and HPPF. Annette x

  10. well I can really feel that joy in your art,thank you

  11. Lovely, beautiful curlicues, love your line work! <3!

  12. you inspire me so, with every post.

  13. Beautiful story you tells us with this paintings and drawings. marvelous work Rita.
    Lovely greet

  14. Wonderfully happy Spring pieces! they are all lovely.

  15. So soft and delicate - and happy! Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  16. It's very pleasant to visit your blog and see your smiling face and beautiful art! Thank you! Here in Florida it is definitely spring and the birds are enjoying all the new growth on the plants!