Thursday, May 22, 2014

The call of a heart !

And the brown of my eyes
floating again in the pool of silence
longing to see the new face of love
smiling with astonishing eloquence...
And I wait within my heart
to dance out
the next step
choreographed by... love
to sing aloud
another melody... of love
I know,my smile is precious
when your hand covers mine
cherishing 'that' moment in the moments
I suddenly feel alive...
appearing as I am...
my tears rolling down your cheeks
and I see you turn into many eyes
quietness speaking a thousand thunders
and then those eyes into many hands
as many as the strands of my hair !
...and the brown of my eyes
floating again in the pool of silence !


  1. Beautiful words to go with this wonderful sketch, such an intricate design Ritu. Annette x

  2. Beautiful words, and I love the intricate drawing you have made! Valerie

  3. Lovely lines and details in this! You have great control!

  4. Beautiful drawing and lovely poem. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a fantastic drawing, Ritu! You really have a knack for this type of art. Mine would be messy looking where every line of yours is precise and clean.

  6. Wonderful drawing and heartfelt words.

  7. Rita this is a beautiful post with lovely art.

  8. beautiful words and gorgeous art Ritu!

  9. Such a beautiful image and poem! I love the music playing in the background too. :)

  10. I love, love, love your poetic drawing and inspirational words. There's so much depth to both. Blessings!

  11. How lucky to have the sorts of feelings and notions to inspire the poem and that awesome drawing! I am glad I saw it

  12. Just gorgeous - your sketch and your words.

  13. Like the caricature of the gramophone and also the music that I hear.