Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Budding Wings!

Training myself daily
to taste the deliciousness
of each moment
slowly...very slowly!

Like allowing the chocolate 
to melt gently 
in my mouth
slowly...actually slowly!

And then I deliberately
take ages to swallow
...that elixir...
it reaches my heart and I follow!

Then a small line
a little stroke
a brush and some colour
and I am mine.

My budding wings
spread a little...everyday
...desire to touch the sky
with day!

I am sure I have the magic
I am meant to rise!
My love for the sky
will make me fly!

Leaving everything 
that weighs me down
I will fly beyond the rainbows
and up above the clouds!

And on my way
I will taste the deliciousness
of that moment 
slowly... very slowly!

Hi everyone :)
On the last day of this year 2014
 I sincerely would like to wish
 all my beautiful readers
 a sparkling year ahead!
 May 2015 bring new hopes, 
new joys, new colours,
more creativity
loads of love,
more hugs,
and lots and lots of laughter
 in our lives!!

Thanks thanks thanks and many thanks 
for visiting me here on my blog,
 inspiring me with your lovely words
 and forever encouraging me.
I am so lucky to have you all!
I am sure you would continue to shower 
your love upon me
in the year ahead!


  1. Beautiful post, wonderful art and fun music. Thank you!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed Susan! Lovely to have you here :)

  2. Beautiful art and wonderful words!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Lovely work and beautiful words! Happy New Year Rita!

    1. Thanks Christine ! Hey by the way I am Ritu :)

  4. Oh so beautiful and such lovely words to go with it!

  5. This is beautiful, Rita. I must get back to doodles/Zentangles/line drawings. I love how your writings go along with your painting steps. The watercolor face "appears" out of nowhere! Really neat.

    1. Thanks for all the good words Gloria ! And I am sure you would like to know that I am Ritu :)

  6. Beautiful work Rita and words to match. Happy New Year!

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    2. Thank you so much!! Hey by the way I am Ritu :)

  7. Really beautiful and rather exotic drawing-and that splash of color is the frosting on the cake. Happy New Year!

  8. Beautiful! I agree with Gloria, I was enjoying the doodly hair (not thinking of it as such) and was then pleasantly surprized by the beautiful face!

    1. Thank you ! And I think you did not notice that it is a wing of a butterfly !! Can you see her body now? :)

  9. Wow such a detailed impressive piece!! Good job!! Really beautiful!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. We are so lucky to have you too! Your work is awesome!!!