Saturday, December 20, 2014

Year Of Me!

Hope all of you are busy making
your December a one to remember...always!
I am sure many of you 
must have already set your goals
 for the coming new year 2015
In this season of giving...and believing
of sparkles ...and carols
  of dreams....and treats
of joys ...and cheers
I wish all of you the very Best!!
Follow your obsessions...mercilessly!

My goal for 2015 
has been favorited by Good Housekeeping Middle East 
and they have featured me in their December 2014 issue. 
I am sure you all would like to know about it too! 
So here I tell how I aim to make 2015 a Year Of Me!
I aim to publish a book of my Illustrated Recipes for kids with special needs.

This is what I told them and they published...

"Children learn a lot more from graphic sources now than in the past.
Art is undoubtedly a way to encourage the process
 and the experience of thinking and making things better. 
While the child sees the bright, 
colourful illustrations, touches the pages ,
 listens to the words spoken by his parents or siblings about it
...he would be working on his multi-sensory learning.
 And the experience will get even more enhanced 
when he actually touches the ingredients 
and starts the process of making/ assembling/ plating a dish for himself!

I firmly believe that my recipe illustrations
 will not only be a visual feast for these kids
 but also encourage them
 to definitely try out a small snack for themselves 
and be a "Special Chef" in their own special way.
Since everything right from the ingredients to the directions is painted,
 I am sure they would be delighted to follow and try the recipes.
Though some of them would need help 
to accomplish this
 but I am still confident that they will be really happy at heart!
I hope and sincerely wish my illustrated recipes
 would engage their attention, 
make them experience the whole process and help them to be an achiever in the end.

The recipes are going to be eye candy even for the other kids and moms too !!

Each mark of my pencil and every stroke of my brush
 would connect me to my true self
 and open me up to grace… 
and the same kind of magical feeling 
should be experienced by those who get to see,
 touch and feel my book.
 I don’t want it to be “just another book” tossed aside
 after a quick glance through
 and so it is a big challenge that I have given to myself. 
The creativity, the colours, the details all need to be worked upon. 
It demands a lot of hard work…and I am all set to jump in!
 I am making a thorough research on the special areas 
so as to make my book substantial, effective, impressive and lovable.
 In short a “delicious delight”! 

Finding a publisher who understands 
the sentiment behind my book is important too. 
I will keep going with the flow
 and let my intuitive sense guide me through.
So I am going to look each challenge dead in the eye and give a wink!

 “Just Be”.
 You are different and believe me 
your different is different than my different. 
Whatever you have been blessed with 
and can do,
 no one else has and can do in the way you can
and that instantly makes it unique and precious. 
Pop out, 
unravel that YOU within…
 for you are blissfully amazing.
 In your eyes is heaven, in your and compassion. 
Feel the dance in your steps and magic on your fingertips…
 every moment of the day.
Did you know that 'glitter' is a color too? 
Go love it! 
“Sparkle” does ignite a spark...
heart it!                                   
Celebrate being a woman…
bloom and bloom in abundance!"

I would love to know what are you aiming at in 2015!!


  1. Wow, Ritu, what a beautiful post! I love your poem "Just Be". It brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Congrats on the magazine and your recipe illustration book!!! Deb

  2. Wonderful choice as favorite by Good Housekeeping Middle East !!!! Congrulations!!

  3. Congratulations on the magazine article!! you are so talented. Happy PPF

  4. Congrats on being featured, well-deserved too!

  5. Huge congratulations for what you have achieved so far. I think 2015 holds great things for you Rita. Best of luck finding the right publisher.

  6. Congratulations Ritu! Your inside and outside beauty just shines with love and compassion. What a beautiful article. May your goals continue to be met and here's wishing all of that and more in the coming new year!

  7. Wow, congratulations! Love reading about your plans, they sound like a great idea! Wishing you all the best in making your dreams come true. Here's to the Year Of You!! ♥