Thursday, January 28, 2016

CreaTEAvity !!

Whenever I see a teabag
 I always wonder
 what a tiny little package of adventure...
exciting mysterious beautiful
 cozy and sweet little adventure!!

Tea has the charisma
 to bring hearts closer
Us indian families 
 can actually say so !
Our day begins with a cup of masala chai
Now this masala may vary in every kitchen
then breakfast with everyone and you have tis humble drink again
after you are back from office after a tired day
tea with your spouse is the most luxurious thing you could enjoy!

  The glass, the warmth, the tea
the strangers, the friends, the family
the laughters, the smiles or a sad story
squeezing the the vapours of memory!

My installation work 
for  KalaGhoda Art Festival 2016 
is in full swing
 and I am enjoying every bit of it.
 As promised in my last post
 I will be sharing some cool art with all of you.
 Stay tuned :)


  1. Beautiful what you have done with the teabags. I love tea and have several varieties in tins in my pantry. Even a chia mixture someone gave me at Christmastime.

  2. I love these photos and how creative you have been with the tea bags! Tiny works of art!

  3. Love your wonderful tea ideas and photos, thanks for sharing, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Oh, those tea bags look so inspiring, such warm, earthy colors, great installations.

  5. Tea in bags makes such beautiful papers.
    Chai tea is a favorite of mine.
    It makes the house smell wonderful too in the making.
    Beautiful photos and inspiration.
    Happy PPF
    oxo Patty #47

  6. Again, a beautiful expression of life and art! Looking forward to seeing more of the exhibition too. Happy PPF!

  7. lovely and creative work as always!

  8. Wonderful creations with your beloved teabags! I'm still trying to get over my love for coffee and become more of a tea fan .... ;-)

  9. You make me want to brew a cup of tea! Your photos and words are beautiful.

  10. How beautiful! I love tea and I'm totally going to have make some now. I adore your images and your creativity! Love your photos and love the music on your blog also. :) Thank you for a lovely post! Happy PPF! :)

  11. I do love tea--very nice work. Love the camera. xo

  12. And I just thought you drank tea. I'm a tea fan, but now I think I've gone up a gear.
    Your work is so inspiring.
    Happy PPF to you

  13. Very creative with the tea bags. I like tea but it doesn't like me. I can no longer drink it.