Friday, January 15, 2016

I believe!

This is not going to be just another year
and I can sense that
The year started beautifully
 with a lot of family time
Then two of my childhood school friends visited me here...
loads of love
sparkling laughter
homemade food
old memories
...what else could I ever wish for!!
We met after thirty years can you believe it!!

Old friends are irreplaceable!!
I believe growing up apart
 and these many years 
do not matter if your hearts
 are tangled together!!

The best moments are when you tell each other..."REMEMBER WHEN..."

So friends
We begin our journey
and I believe
we will stay connected forever and ever!
As I thank God for the Abundance I am blessed with
I know much more is on my way!

Let us keep creating !


  1. Happy New Year Ritu and yes, it is lovely to meet up with old friends after such a long time. I look forward to going back to my home town each year to have a good night catching up with old friends from school. Your projects are lovely and your positive grateful attitude is inspiring!

  2. Wonderful post, beautiful words and verse.

  3. beautiful art and post! I feel the same as you about my dear long time friends. Happy PPF!

  4. Fantastic post, Ritu. I still have my 3 best friends from 1940! We live in Mississippi, 2 in Tennessee, and in Virginia. Love your art as well as your comments on your post.

  5. Beautiful Beautiful thoughts and art!

  6. Lovely post about friendship and more.
    Your tea bag art really speaks to me!

  7. What a happy post!! So glad you were able to celebrate your family so beautifully!! Great pieces of artwork!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. How nice that you met up again with old friends! Funny how the years in between can fall away. Love your teabag-art!

  9. Love these! I love the stamps in the back ground too. Glad to find you--I am new to blogging and always glad to find new art friends. Happy to say I am a new follower. xo Dea