Friday, April 22, 2016

"Curiosity leads to Passion "...and more!!

I remember the day
 the beautiful stains of tea
 on a teabag grabbed my attention for the first time!!
I was completely at awe!!
The shades of tea 
and the various hues
 created after I had brewed it for some time
fascinated me!!
While I sipped my tea
 the tiny soggy teabag sat quietly on my dish
staring at me for some love!
I was curious to use this bag in my art!
The teabag
 would otherwise have
 found its place in trash.
It was my curiosity that led 
me to my passion of creating art with a difference that not only pleases me and satiates my soul
but also brings a smile
 to those 
who get a chance to look at it!
...and here I am!!
This week again I enjoyed working on these tiny bits of paper 
Hope you love them too
Thanks loads to those who have been visiting and leaving there marks here
Your beautiful comments thrill my heart !!

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Thanks again for being a part of my journey...Feelings 77



  1. Oh my goodness, beautiful one and all!


  2. Love your beautiful Art. The quotes are perfect to eachone.
    Happy PPF ❤

  3. These are wonderful!

    So beautiful and intricate.

  4. Ritu, I enjoyed each and every painting you are showing this week. You have such a remarkable talent. Your colors are always so beautiful and inviting.

  5. these are again-stunning little works of art Ritu!!! What are you doing with them all?

  6. su a wonderful array of work,, all beautiful,, amazing!

  7. Great drawings. Those marbles are fascinating, they sparkle.

  8. Great drawings. Love those marbles they sparkle.

  9. Again so gorgeous glad you found a path of true joy! It's wonderful when it all clicks like that!! This week my favorites are the Victrola, the lock and the wing!! Really amazing work!

    Hugs Giggles