Friday, April 1, 2016

Making my own Momentum

When you are 
breathing in and breathing out
 your passion...
 each day is like
 a mini-vacation in itself!!
This is what happens with me
As I sit down each day
 to render my feeling of the day
on my canvas i.e. a teabag...
 I am at peace
 in love
 and celebrating that feeling!!
As I reflect 
what my heart holds 
at that time
 or may be some inspiring moment of the day 
it is as if
 I am sharing a small bit of myself
with the world around me.
I strongly believe 
that the key is to
 make the most of what I possess in the 
 show trust 
and continue at a pace 
which delights me...
 and not to stop come what may!!
I am sure persistence
 ignites momentum
 and can create an ever-lasting impression.
Ok,my lovely friends 
here I share with you all
 my Feelings 77...Day24 to Day 31.
Thanks again for taking out time
 to visit me here
 and don't forget to write a few words...
they are music to my ears ...always!!

Feelings 77...Day 24..."Dreams in Bloom"

Feelings 77...Day 25..."Confetti Days|"

Feelings 77...Day 26..."In Sync with Breath"

Feelings 77...Day 27..."The Magic is On"


Feelings 77...Day 28..."Finish Unforgettable"

Feelings 77...Day 29..."Seeking Terrificness"

Feelings 77...Day 30..."Spring Forward"

Feelings 77...Day 31..."Making my own Momentum"

More to follow soon!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. You have captured some wonderful feelings in your art, my fave is the car with the balloons, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. The fish stood out and made me pause to look and take a more in depth look. How fabulous is it with all its colours. I just love the one you called feelings too so pretty and delicate.
    Happy PPF
    Vicki-Ann :)

  3. stunning work Rita so talented! and beautiful words.

  4. Each piece more beautiful than the one before and the first one is stellar!

  5. How lovely art to day Ritu Dua.
    Have a happy April xx

  6. Lovely paintings. I especially like the fish and the woman dancing with the red hat. Beautiful!

  7. these are all so perfectly and beautifully formed... gorgeous work...xx

  8. these are so fabulous Ritu - I can't believe they're painted on tea bags. I love that little swing and the fish especially.

  9. your words and art are pure magic Ritu. And I am in love with the first teabag piece!

  10. All of these are magnificent. My favorite is "In sync with Breath" Have a happy weekend.

  11. Innovative and amazing art by an amazing artist... Kudos to the effort.
    I've started liking tea all over again.😊😊

  12. what comes to my mind. Flowing, peaceful art!

  13. Again terrific variety...there is something to be said for picking a theme and sticking with it!! Love these teabags!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I love your page. SO coloriful--I look forward to it each week. Love the dervish especially. xo (Lovely music--I have been swept away)

  15. Your tea art is simply superb. I am amazed at how much little you in such a small canvas.