Friday, May 6, 2016

"A Mosaic that my Heart is"

My tiny little heart is a
even tinier little feelings and emotions!
I piece them together 
and it reflects who I am!
Here I share some of those feelings with you 
and the rest I keep safe for my ownself !!

Hope you are following my series of art on teabags .
I have named it "Feelings 77"
One feeling each day for 77 days.
You can visit Older posts to enjoy more!
A big warm hug
 and many thanks to 
those of you who have been
 appreciating my work!!
Your comments mean a lot !!

Feelings 77...Day 60..."Skywards"

Feelings 77...Day 61..."Performer"

Feelings 77...Day 62..."A Mosaic that my Heart is"

Feelings 77...Day 63.."The Limit is Not in the Sky"

Feelings 77...Day 64.."Pour Love"

Feelings 77...Day 65..."Time to Bloom"

Feelings 77...Day 66.."Now Fly"


  1. Lovely art. My favorit is the horse.
    Happy PPF xx

  2. Your talent is awesome, Ritu. Each week I am amazed by the beauty of your art works. The silver pitcher, the delicate wings, the spiral staircase are all so beautifully done.

  3. a beautiful collection, and that horse-oh my- gorgeous!

  4. Love the horse and giraffe. I am very fond of anything with a moon in it.

  5. Wonderful pages and portraits! Lovely style. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a creative week ahead as well.

  6. So full of delicate beauty. Especially the dragonfly wings.

  7. I'm blown away by your teabag artwork Ritu,
    Happy PPF to you

  8. Stunning series!! Really enjoying it!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Wow I am impressed with each and everyone of this pieces. My favorite is the horse and the giraffe. Well done.