Friday, May 20, 2016

And I continue to Feel...

Last week was too many things in my hands!!
I just could not
 manage to put up a post !
It was like working on myself... by myself...
for mine and
And today there is 
so much love to share with you
 ...all my friends!!
My series of work on used teabags 
Feelings 77 has come to an end
...yes how time flies
I just can't imagine 
that I have relegiously created
 one piece of art
on used teabag 
continuously for 77 days!!
But do I stop here...
I continue to 'feel'
and so to "pause'  is not an option !!
I continue to create
and will share my new works soon
Till then enjoy my Feelings 77
and don't forget to drop a line of love 
it makes me smile :)

Feelings 77...Day 67...The Dressed Sky

Feelings 77...Day 68..."Chase Grace"

Feelings 77...Day 69..."Keep the Mystery Alive"

Feelings 77...Day 70..."Leave a Trail"

Feelings 77...Day 71..."Hear your own Leaves Rustle"

Feelings 77...Day 72..."Stay your Own version of Beautiful"

Feelings 77...Day 73..."Bound Together"

Feelings 77...Day 74..."Poetry in Colours"

Feelings 77...Day 75..."Scent of Sound"

Feelings 77...Day 76..."A Little Extra than Ordinary"

Feelings 77...Day 77..."And I continue to Feel"

Much Love


  1. Beautiful, beautiful work!Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Ritu, your teabag works of art are truly amazing! Since each is unique, there is no favorite. Each one show such talent in drawing but also in feelings. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

  3. Your teabag art is gorgeous! I especially love the nature drawings, so beautifully delicate!

  4. Wow! Such a lovely array of beautiful creations ~

    Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  5. Beautiful series!!! I'm so glad you're still going!
    I have a bin filled with recycled teabags just begging to be painted on!

  6. I cannot believe what you create on a tea bag. Everything is beautiful and absolutely amazing. The details, that much be so tiny, make your artwork so special. I am so glad you are out here on PPF for all to see your work. I know I enjoy it. What do you do with the teabags once they are painted? Do you sell them or keep them for yourself? Your work is great! Happy PPF and have a great week! Rasz

  7. Your creativity goes beyond bounds. The feelings you mention show through each piece with love and beauty.

  8. These art pieces are so amazing. I love the colors you chose. Your art style is incredibly attractive to my eyes.

  9. Incredibly impressive...I hope you mount these small little magical pieces of artwork. So glad you took time for yourself too!! I will miss these terribly! Love the buildings, the birdy, the train and how you ended with the ink and quill! So good and thank you for sharing these visual treasures!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I am impressed with your first drawing of the sky scrapers. Buildings are difficult for me.